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2020 BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet Review

Throughout the history of the M Series, BMW has always presented a convertible or cabriolet model as a complement to the more serious normal variants. It is devoted to track-day activities, including the BMW M8 Competition.

Since first it appeared on the M3 E30 in the 80s, BMW Always presents open roof variant to most of their M Series variants and the tradition continues with the arrival of the latest generation of BMW M8 Competition.

Dispute is having the same impressive performance as the coupe variant. The BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet has a special thing that successfully presents a different character of aura the standard version.

What are the special things that distinguish the cabriolet variant from the coupe? Check out the full review of the 2020 BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet.



Apart of roof can be opened and closed. There is no significant difference between the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet and the Coupe version. if you pay close attention, there are some details that present a different atmosphere between the two cars. Let’s look at the description of the exterior of the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet below to find out more

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There is no difference between the cabriolet variant and the coupe, the BMW M8 Competition combines a combination of aesthetics and function with changes in the air holes becoming larger for the cooling system. The sporty impression is presented with a touch of black chrome on the kidney grille, as well as a more aggressive front bumper design.

BMW also installed the latest LED laser headlights technology to be standard on the BMW M8 Competition line-up, including the cabriolet variant.

Turning to the side, there is almost no meaningful difference between the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet and coupe. Perhaps, the difference between the two models is finishing gloss black mirrors on the type of open roof, nu it is not carbon like the coupe.

For the rear of the car, we also did not find a striking difference between the coupe and cabriolet. However, with an open roof car, you can enjoy the sound of the engine through the four-hole exhaust in the back.


Rims and Tires

Different from other parts, we immediately discovered the difference between the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet and the coupe. Although both use a 20-inch two-tone rim, in our opinion the model used in this variant is more sporty.

2020 BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet 3

The tire specifications used are also the same, namely Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires with 275/35 ZR 20 specifications for the front, and 285/35 ZR 20 for the rear tires.



The basic thing that distinguishes the type of BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet with coupe models, BMW installed a soft-top that can be opened within 15 seconds, and with a maximum rate of 30 mph (50 kph).



Entering the interior, we can see some differences that affect the character in the cabin. What are the differences? Unlike the coupe layout that appears aggressive with black domination and a slightly creamy style, the M8 Competition Cabriolet presents a softer aura with the use of black and cream that looks balanced.

The sporty and exclusive impression are presented by using of Merino Leather material which the highest quality leather and specific to the BMW M Series.

The BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet still uses two M-Sport seats for the driver and front passenger. The difference is the cream color that dominates the seats wrapped in merino leather.

Just like the front seat, the back seat is also dominated by a cream color with a bandage of merino leather. Although the seat position is quite supportive and it has a capable headrest, the legroom for rear passengers seems not much different than the coupe variant.


Entertainment Features

Claimed as the M Series flagship, BMW does not seem to play in developing the BMW M8, various features are embedded in this Bavarian Convertible. Starting from the entertainment features, driving, or safety features. What are the features of the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet? Check out the full explanation below.

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For the entertainment, information and navigation center, the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet uses the iDrive system which is embedded into the 10-inch touch screen and the 12.3-inch screen behind the wheel.

You get the Harman Kardon audio system as a standard in this car, if it’s still lacking you can replace it with Bowers & Wilkins audio.It is used by many premium cars like McLaren.


Driving feature

BMW engineers worked hard to develop various advanced features to be embedded in the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet, and it makes this car a fast convertible with abundant driving features.
As the BMW M5, the M8 is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) type car. By the rear wheel as the main drive and it can be controlled by a system that divides it into three modes, regular, sport, and drift mode.

BMW M8 also presents the customization of five parameters on the steering screen, namely the engine, control, suspension, and M-xDrive. The driver can store his two set-ups on two M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel.

The feature that is enough attention is M-Mode, where the driver is given a choice of Sport and Track modes for the standard M8 variant, and additional Track Mode for the M8 Competition.

If the driver activates sports mode, all security systems are turned of. Mean while when activating the track mode, which is only available in the Competition variant, all safety features are turned off, isn’t it fun?


Safety features

Indeed, the complete driving features are always not matched by the safety features embedded as standard in the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet. You only get automatic emergency parking and forward-collision parking.

2020 BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet 4

You can still add standard automatic-steering features such as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, side collision prevention, and evasion assist system with additional Driver Assistance Professional Packages provided by BMW.

didn’t you buy a BMW M8 Competition to enjoy the thrill of driving like a BMW M Series? If so, the limited auto-steering feature in this car won’t be an obstacle for you.


BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet Engine

The BMW M8 uses the S63 Twin-Turbo S63 V8 engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters which sprays 591dk power in the standard variant and 617dk for the Competition variant, with a maximum torque of 750 Nm.

By the power like this, the car can go from 0-100 km in standard 3.2 seconds, and 3.1 seconds in the Competition variant. This figure is impressive, because it is only 0.1 seconds adrift of a more serious coupe variant, and is optimized for track-day activities.



BMW maintains is tradition by presenting an open roof variant for most of their M Series line-ups at the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet

Not only that, but the two variants of the M8 Competition also have different characters and characters, although the performance is still equally impressive, and in no way fades away the reputation of being the ultimate driver’s car.

The $ 9,500 price difference between the coupe and cabriolet variants is also reasonable. For those of you who are looking for a figure of a car that favors driving as well as a suitable car that you drive while enjoying the outside air in the afternoon, the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet is the right choice.