2020 Ford Raptor 3

2020 Ford Raptor Review

Last year Ford launched the ‘younger brother’ of the legendary Ford F-150 Raptor. This is the 2020 Ford Raptor, how great is this car that isn’t an ordinary Ranger?

Certainly ford did not play games when launching the Ford Raptor. Understandably, the big-name Raptor actually refers to his brother namely the Ford F-150 a full-size pickup truck that has a length of almost 6 meters and a V6 engine.

Clearly, Ford Motor Corporation wants all media crews to be convinced of the greatness of this car. And it is proven, after passing a series of tests with a severe and extreme obstacle, almost all media crew who came and tried the Raptor at the event believed the greatness of this Ford Raptor. This proves that although based on the Ford Ranger, the Ford Raptor is not just an ordinary Ranger. So what is the greatness of this dual cabin? Check out this Ford Raptor review.

Ford Raptor Exterior

Ford wants to keep the impression that this model is not just an upgrade from the Ford Ranger with the T6 body code. The inspiration for this car is clearly the Ford F-150, it can be seen from the large grille with the writing FORD which makes the masculine aura more visible. The combination of a Raptor muscular body kit with a larger fender, plus a satin silver skid plate also makes a dashing aura.

2020 Ford Raptor 4

Continuing to the exterior side of the car, the fender 150 mm wider than the “standard” Ranger T6 is to accommodate the use of rims and tires that are wider than the standard Ranger. However, that’s not all, the wide fender space is also so that the FOX suspension which has a travel that is longer than standard snobs can live inside. The 33 inch Goodrich All-Terrain BF tire was developed specifically for the Ford Raptor and is claimed to pass through any road conditions without any problems at all.

Unfortunately for the rear view of the Ford Raptor is not as excited as the front and side exterior appearance. However, don’t worry the exterior appearance of the stern still has a sturdy aura, this is reflected in the rear bumper with a model that is more robust than the standard Ranger T6. Maneuvering when parking with the Raptor is also easy because it is equipped with a parking camera and parking sensor.


Ford Raptor’s interior

The combination of three colors on the dashboard makes this Rapy sporty aura even more noticeable. Black as the main foundation, combined with blue stitching and shiny chrome accents strengthen the impression of sportiness but still luxurious. Although the dashboard layout is wide, the layout of the buttons on the dashboard feels quite ergonomic. Various buttons to reach the features were quite easily accessed by the driver.

The steering wheel is not less interesting, the steering wheel with a triple crossbar design is combined with a quality leather wrap. In addition to making the steering wheel comfortable in the hand, this steering wheel also looks sporty with a combination of blue stitches and a red ‘pointer’ on the top side. Details like this are in fact able to increase self-confidence for the owner.

Like the Performance variant of Ford, the characteristic blue stitching is the main accent on this Ford Raptor seat. Five adults can sit comfortably and safely in the cabin of this car. That’s because all five seats have an adjustable headrest that can be adjusted in height, ISOFIX holder plus ELR safety belts on all seats.


Ford Raptor feature

The Multi-Information Display (MID) panel is available on this Ford Raptor instrument panel. It has a 4.2-inch landscape screen size and is able to present the latest information about vehicle conditions such as fuel consumption, mileage, engine condition to the now selected driving mode. The MID can be operated by pressing the button mounted on the steering wheel.

2020 Ford Raptor 2

An American car is obviously very serious in paying attention to safety aspects. This car is available with up to 6 pieces of airbags, 3 point seatbelt in all seats, to the alarm sensor and MyKey. Interestingly, this car will also give a reminder notification when the driver or passenger forgets to use the seatbelt. A set of advanced features such as Advanced Off-Road equipped with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Hill Launch Assist (HLA) technology are also available in this car.

You could say the 2.5-inch FOX Racing Shock Dampers suspension along with 33 inch Goodrich All-Terrain BF tires on all four wheels are the main weapons of this Ford Raptor. The American suspension plus this tire was developed specifically for the Ford Raptor and with the help of a suspension that travels longer than the standard, is claimed to make the Ford Raptor able to pass through any terrain without any problems at all


Ford Raptor Engine

The engine used by the Ford Raptor is the latest type of gasoline engine, the EcoBlue, or familiar also called Panther engine. This engine has a 4 cylinder inline configuration with cubication of 2000 cc equipped with Bi-Turbocharged. This engine is capable of releasing power up to 213 Ps or around 211.5 hp at 3,750 Rpm engine speed and a giant torque of 500 Nm at 1,750 to 2,000 rpm rotation range.

2020 Ford Raptor 3

Power and torque of size are then channeled to all four wheels via a 10-level automatic transmission speed. By a lot of gear ratios, it is hoped that the engine’s ‘breath’ becomes longer, given the natural character of a diesel engine that cannot spin at high engine speeds. Thanks to more ratios this also makes the car feel more aggressive, especially at low engine speeds.

The combination of power, large torque and suspension alert the FOX makes this car’s control so amazing, especially on sandy and off-road terrain. It seems to pass through any type of road will not be a significant problem for this car.



Ford Raptor is able to become a new hero in the class pickup truck or vehicle with a double cabin. A great combination of a large torque engine, with suspension output from FOX Racing Shock, makes this car clearly unmatched by other Japanese rivals. Ford Raptor seems to open a new class of high-performance double cabin competition. Ford Raptor is able to prove he is not just an ordinary Ranger.