2020 Kia K900 Review

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Duet manufacturer namely Hyundai and KIA already successfully from South Korea. It presence in the global automotive market.

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Many segments are already beaten by this duet, but if we’re talking about the premium segment, it seems that the segment has only become rations for the Hyundai brand with the Genesis of hers, but it seems that notion fade after the presence of the latest generation of the KIA K900 this.

Many side is undeniable that the presence of this car alone is clearly targeting people who love luxury. It comes as the latest variant of the flagship model of KIA. The car feels to be under the shadows of Genesis even though the actual car is already there before the brand Genesis was unveiled as the brand luxury Hyundai. Both the luxury segment and also the model, at first glance feel Genesis really.



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Dimensionally, the 2020 KIA K900 is longer and also wider compared to its predecessor. The length of the wheelbase of the total of the KIA K900 is also stretched as much as 2.3 inches to 3.1 meters. For dimensions, clear the KIA K900 will be targeting the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. If it compared with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class spellings of SWB in Europe, Korean car is larger. If it compared to the LWB S-Class in the United States, the length of the New KIA K900 almost the same, it is a little bit short. You can see his front side.

Immediately the picture that the car need of substantial funds to redeem it. The front side uses a new grille that still retains the characteristic Tiger nose.

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Not finished yet, the KIA K900 is also using a new lamp that is certainly already adopting LED technology. There are some parts that are painted silver that is certainly not tacky, even memorable premium. The alloy wheels car is silver with a beautiful shape.

Authority the backside is not as pretty as the front side, still depicts the aura of expensive with the lamps rounded, and the two holes of the exhaust fiddling and garnish the silver on the bumpers and around the perimeter of the lights plus wrap-around window line. Inside, the impression of luxury still continues, but the impression of minimalism is also felt. The use of beige-colored fabric combined wooden ornament colored sky seems to is a fusion of classic luxury.



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Although luxury, classic, and minimalist, modern aspects are still emphasized in the New KIA K900 this with the use of a fairly large screen, i.e. a 12.3-inch as the infotainment system. There is also an ambient light that has a 64 shade which was developed by the Pantone Color Institute.

And what’s interesting, there’s the analog clock on the side of the middle of the dashboard which is a hallmark of the luxury of the essentials of a car, at least until the trend of the analog clock is given in LMPV was full of it. It doesn’t get me wrong, the analog clock in New KIA K900 this alerts watchmaker famous Swiss, Maurice Lacroix. It just like a car in this segment, it is clear the interior of the New KIA K900 this was a great relief.

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The KIA K900 has a size dimension of the right S-Class and BMW 7 series. It is not only that, the options engine option offered was similar. For example, such as machinery 5,000 cc 420 Hp V8 paired with BMW 750i and the Mercedes-Benz S500 sedan. Interestingly, the car of this premium sedan the price is very affordable because of the price below 60,000 US$. While both comupetitors have a machine with most of the same price more than 80,000 US$.

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Entirely the KIA K900 has the engine 5,000 cc. Ia is for a cheaper version, KIA also offers a 3,800 cc V6 powerful 311 Hp with a more affordable price. Get into the interior, the KIA K900 is equipped with a cabin that is extra spacious with detailing that is incredible. An onboard computer such as the Mercedes-Benz Command and BMW’s iDrive is also embedded full-screen digital speedometer with high resolution.

Interestingly, KIA gives the interior color ivory white included with panels of white wood that is not ordinary (is there yes wood white?). It is not for all variants, because KIA also offers a variety of interior color choices ranging from black, white chocolate to Mocca.

Well, the New KIA K900 own will also be released globally after the event NYIAS 2018. South Korea will be the home production of the KIA K900 for sale globally. Detail specifications of KIA K900 latest will be revealed at the NYIAS upcoming. So, what do you guys think?