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2021 All New Kia Optima Review

In the automotive field Technological developments have indeed been experiencing development.it is very rapid, then it is no wonder that many car manufacturers are renowned all of over the world has always presented its cars with new tech features and modern.

There are one of the renowned auto manufacturers originated from Korea under the name Kia, the car manufacturer is indeed has a lot to produce cars with full advanced technology and modern and one of them is the All New Kia Optima. The All New Kia Optima is one of sedan car premium that was once present that now have to get changes is very different and make the All New Kia Optima is more sporty and elegant.


Design And Dimensions

All of New Kia Optima comes with a design very elegant and luxurious. It has new features tech and also modern, but you can prove yourself on the side of the outer appearance. When it viewed on the front will appear to look at the design of the headlights which is very sporty already using HID Projector with LED, which is able to give very bright light, especially on this car has been equipped with fog lamp LED can offer the light is very perfect and clear. While the rear looks rear lamp design is very sporty and elegant provide illumination very clearly.

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Continues on the interior of the All New Kia Optima, for the design of this car does look very fancy because it has been using the features tech and modern. Buddy can see for yourself on the part of the dashboard looks more elegant with a mix of colors is very beautiful, in addition, there are also panels that will facilitate buddy to drive. To improve even more on this car has to include Air conditioner as well as the featured entertainment in the form of audio that can pamper everyone when tired at the moment to travel far.

Has a lot of features technologically advanced and modern it will certainly be very comparable to the price of the All New Kia Optima has to offer, especially for the size dimensions on this car and have the car length 4,845 mm, width of 1,830 mm, and the height 1,455 mm with the distance of the wheelbase of 2,795 mm. Have the size dimensions as such would be considered very easy to drive and very stable, in addition, to have the size dimensions as above All New Kia Optima is also able to fill with 4 passengers, 2 in the first row and the second row 2-passenger



Continue on the part of the powertrain of the All New Kia Optima, for the kitchen spur itself has been embedded engine type THETA II 2.4 MPI engine with a cylinder capacity of 2,359 CC, on the type of machine that is capable of generating maximum power who achieve 180 PS at 6,000 rpm and able to approach the 23.6 kg.m at engine speed of 4,300 rpm. To have a performance like that is certainly strong enough round for the classmates of cars like the All New Kia Optima and the performance is indeed very great when compared with the previous generation.

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Engine type like the above are certainly very comparable with the price of the All New Kia Optima that has been and greater again on the engine of the All New Kia Optima has an acceleration o-100 km/h takes just 9.5 seconds just sob, while for the 60-100 km/h only takes 5.4 seconds. Accelerate achieved by the All New Kia Optima was outstanding, so no wonder if this car is a lot of automotive enthusiasts on the groundwater of many a fan.



Very well balanced with the price of the All New Kia Optima that has been offered, but you can see for yourself in terms of outer appearance, the interior and also on the engine and all the parts are equally has a very good quality. As for the braking for the All New KIa Optima is already using the braking system with the type of Disc (17″) for braking the front, while to back brake use the type of Disc (15″). the second braking system is believed to be able to stop the pace of the car made by Kia

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The second braking system has been swathed by the wheels and each wheel each have size 225/45 R18 / Alloy and as we already seen above that the All New Kia Optima has been equipped with technologically advanced features and modern. Features in the form of ABS+EBD a feature braking additional can work over it as well as prevent the occurrence of locking on the wheels when the car is doing sudden break, with the presence of such features will certainly give you a sense of security that is when a buddy drive it.

In addition, there are still many more features that can provide a level of comfort is it, as well as feature entertainment in the form of audio that can cheer up buddy when you feel bored when driving. Then also there are also Air Conditioner, Electric Stability Control (ESC), Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC), and Cruice Control so that the buddy will be more comfortable when driving. As for the features safety, there has been Keyless Entry with Alarm, Smart Key, Dual Airbag so that buddy will feel more comfortable when driving. with some of these features, of course, no wonder if the price of the All New Kia Optima is priced quite expensive.