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2021 Kia Sorento Review

The manufacturer’s origin country ginseng which is known by the name of Kia motors is re-launching a product car with this type of Crossover SUV that middle segment and upper. Car with the name Kia Sorento is designed with a design that is luxurious as well as the performance of the engine more formidable.

Just information Kia motors have much creating various types of cars that are already on the market to all corners of the country in the world.

2021 kia sorento profile

The Kia Sorento was first launched in the year 2002 by bringing the performance and design that is able to bewitch the eyes of the user of the car. And this time Kia motors launching the product back legacy with a fresh look and performance that is tough which is supported by technologies that are advanced and modern. The Kia Sorento also is the generation of the third the latest of the Kia Sorento that has a model design 2016.


The dimensions and Design

As a luxury car with a fairly expensive, on the interior part of the specifications of the Kia Sorento this indeed has the appearance of design that is quite luxurious and elegant as the design of the exterior but still provides comfort to anyone arriving in this car. On the interior of the car, Kia Sorento of this rider will be spoiled with the design of the leather upholstery which is comfortable when occupied and have guests who will make the riderless comfortable in driving a car KIA Sorento this.

On the inside of the car is also given entertainment features like an infotainment system with a screen UVO with a size of 8 inches and a 12-speaker Infinity stereo, which will give comfort for the rider and passenger with the entertainment Audio and Visual quality. And for the dimensions of the car, KIA Sorento has a length of the car about 4.685 mm with the width of the car from 1885 mm as well as this luxury car is equipped with a high car that reaches 1700 mm.

Have dimension size as it is the car KIA is also at the complete weight of the car which is not weighted so a luxury car from KIA is more stable when driven on the street asphalt and off-road. In addition to the complement of the dimension of luxury, the KIA Sorento is also equipped with a FUEL tank that can hold about 70 liters of fuel which will make this car able to cover traveling with a considerable distance with a single charge of fuel.


Performance Of The Engine

The price of KIA Sorento is indeed quite expensive but the price is very suitable for machine quality that is brought by this car. Cars KIA Sorento presents some engine type, i.e. Petrol, CRDi and CRDi 4 WD. The third type of machine that will give machine performace different however a third type of machine is quite tough and reliable for the classmate of the car with this SUV model.

2021 kia sorento rear quarter

For the type of Petrol engine which II 2.4 L MPI petrol engines 4-cylinder with 2.4 Liter DOHC and Dual CVVT able to result in power to a maximum of 185 hp with a round in the engine of 6,000 rpm with a torque maximum of 241 Nm at an engine speed of 3,750 rpm. Then to type the CRDi engine with a composition of R 2.2 diesel with a 4 liter DOHC engine capable of a maximum power of 197 Ps with a round in the engine reaches a 3,800 n rpm.

To type the machine is able to excrete toxins and salts torque of 44.5 kg.m at an engine speed of 2,500 rpm. Then for the type of diesel engine has been equipped with a turbo addition which is able to generate power and greater torque. On KIA Sorento diesel fuel has also been incomplete with drive 4 WD, the drive system will provide the power that is channeled to be more optimal. Then the power generated will be channeled through a 6-speed automatic transmission.



On luxury cars made by Kia is certainly the South Korean manufacturer has equipped them with the suspension systems are very reliable and able to work well as in its function. Suspension-the suspension on the car the KIA Sorento has been designed specifically to dampen vibrations that occur in the car when through the streets the corrugated as well as able to provide a sense of comfort on the rider while passing through the off-road.

The comfort of this luxury car feels more complete with the presence of the legs are strong and sturdy. With the Legs of such strength to be this car is ready and steady when taken off roads. To complement the toughness of this luxury car KIA motors to equip it with the rendition of 4 pieces of the wheel with size 235/55 R18 that will give the impression of dashing against the car KIA Sorento this.


Safety Features

For security features, KIA Sorento has been equipped with braking technology ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) which will give stability to the car when braking suddenly. Then there was the country of technology EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) that is able to adjust with the weight of the car so that braking becomes the maximum. Then the braking system is also equipped with technology BA (Brake Assist) which will provide braking power optimally and maximal occurs when braking suddenly.