2020 All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 Review

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2020 All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 comes with a more modern and aggressive look as a competitor from its rivals, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class W117 and Volkswagen Golf Mk.8.

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The latest generation of BMW sporty hatchbacks finally unfolded, with the appearance of the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40. His figure was prepared as the successor of the BMW 1 Series F20, as well as the tackling of the competitors, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class W177 and the Volkswagen Golf Mk.8. A sportier and fresher design and sharper performance is the mainstay weapon of the BMW 118i Sport Line F40. Unlike the previous generation, now all BMW 1 Series F40 variants are only offered with 5-door hatchback models.

Another interesting point from the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 is becoming the first-ever BMW hatchback to use a front-wheel-drive layout, also known as FAAR. Although it had received sharp criticism from BMW fans, BMW claimed that the latest generation of the Series 1 still promotes sharp handling and fun to drive aspects that are no less fun than other BMW models that embrace rear-wheel-drive construction.



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When viewed from the dimensions, the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 is about 5 mm shorter than the previous generation, which is 4,319 mm. But for height and length, the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 is wider by 34 mm to 1,799 mm (height) and added a length of about 13 mm to 1,434 from the generation of the BMW 1 Series F20. While the wheelbase was also corrected to be 20 mm shorter to 2.670 mm from its predecessor.

Although taller and longer, the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 has a lighter weight of about 30 kg than its predecessor, which is due to the use of aluminum material on the hood and trunk. In addition, the chassis also gets reinforced to make it more rigid, so that the character of handling becomes more ideal while remaining comfortable driving.

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The face appearance of the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 illustrates a sharper and more aggressive design. The typical BMW kidney grille design with chrome wrapping which is now integrated into the middle is also applied to this latest generation BMW Series 1. While the air-dam section looks thicker with the addition of the air-scoop which now has a design extending to the side of the air-splitter that still emphasizes the C-shape design as in the previous generation BMW Series 1.

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Headlights with adaptive LED features are offered as options. But features like daytime running lights and headlights with halogen projectors are offered as standard. While the headlamp reflector design in the style of twin circular headlights with a hexagonal shape like in today’s BMW models is also applied to the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40.

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On the side, the body of the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 is fat as if carved with a sharp design game on the center of the door, front and rear fenders and side skirts, to give a more sporty body silhouette. The bonnet design can now be made shorter with the typical transverse engine lay-out front-wheel drive. While from the side, the shark nose style design looks more prominent in this latest generation. Slightly shifted to the C pillar, the pillar design with Hofmeister kink style which has become a signature design of BMW is still visible even with the hatchback design.

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While on the back, the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 reflects a sleeker design with vertical line design on the headlights and rear bumper. Rear lights with thinly sliced LEDs are an option, while for entry-level keep using conventional bulbs. Rear side air splitter design with C-shape design seems to blend with the lower spoiler that looks more sporty with dark colors.



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Ergonomic and sporty premium interior design is emitted when entering the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40. The use of Vernasca perforated skin feels very comfortable to the touch. The sleek and sharp design character is also emitted in the interior with the design of the instrument panel, AC grille, and infotainment screen.

The driving aspect that puts forward fun to drive is more dominating when sitting in the seat of the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40. Especially with the presence of electrically adjustable thigh support, making the driver with high body posture more comfortable. Even with a fat posture, but still comfortable.

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Material with a combination of leather and fabric makes it look different, especially with the presence of dual striping orange stitching motifs, as if to imply the handling and performance of a typical BMW forefront.

Although the hatchback, the rear seat is also able to give ideal comfort with a fairly relaxed sitting position. The availability of leg and headroom is also abundant, even for passengers with high posture above 170 cm. The All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 has a wider 33 mm knee room for front passengers and drivers and 19 mm more spacious for rear passenger headroom. while for rear passengers. The combination of leather and fabric layers still makes it comfortable to touch.

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On the dashboard, it is thick with all-digital nuance and become one part of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. However, the functionality aspect of the instrument panel remains optimal and is easily accessible both from the driver or front passenger side. The dashboard is also coated with soft leather so it is comfortable to the touch. Dashboard design is so sporty with layout panel columns and AC grille that it is thinner and sharper.

While on the steering wheel still feels sporty with a thicker leather sports material but still comfortable to grip. The three-spoke design on the steering wheel is very popular in every BMW model, but the All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 looks more minimalist and elegant. The steering audio control placement is also easier and more comfortable to run using fingers.


Driving and Safety Features

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The All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 is also equipped with the latest features, although there is no further information from BMW. But it seems that features such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with traction mode (DTC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Cornering Brake Control (CBC) brakes and Lane Departure Warning system are standard features.


Entertainment Features

In the infotainment sector, the iDrive 7.0 feature is now more intuitive because it can be operated via a 5.1-inch touch screen monitor, with 4:3 portrait-format 4:3 display, along with features such as voice command with entertainment aspects integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


2020 All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 engine

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The All-New BMW 118i Sport Line F40 uses a 1,500 cc three-cylinder engine from the BMW B38A15M0 engine family which is also used on the MINI Cooper F56 and BMW X1 & X2 sDrive18i. The engine is equipped with a single-scroll turbocharger that is capable of producing 140 hp and 220 Nm of torque. While the choice of transmission, BMW prepares a 6-speed manual transmission and Steptronic automatic transmission with 8 speeds.

This transmission is also offered on the BMW 118d Sport Line F40 2020. Acceleration from 0-100 km can be reached with only 8.5 seconds. The 118i Sport Line variant will use a 1,500-cylinder three-cylinder engine with a single-scroll turbocharger