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All-New Ford Fiesta R5 Review

The All-New Ford Fiesta R5 is the strongest challenger to the Skoda Fabia R5 and Citroen C3 R5, with a fresher look and as if it was descended directly from the Ford Fiesta WRC, can it be the best in the most favorite rally car class in Europe? This is a brief review of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5.

WRC class R5 or what is now called the WRC2 and WRC2 Pro classes seems to be heating up. Skoda’s power with Fabia R5 began to be disturbed by the new hero of this Ford stronghold.

The exterior of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5

Unlike his brother who has a more ferocious performance, for the front view of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5 is far calmer, this is due to the performance of this car far below his brother who has a 36 mm turbo restriction. So that a large body kit is not really needed in this car.

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Moving on to the exterior appearance of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5’s side, it also looks much nicer than the WRC version which is identical to the old Group B rally car. Although still using overfenders because the front and rear wheel tracks are wider than road cars.

In contrast to his brother who uses extra-large rear wings to help downforce and increase traction to the rear wheels. This R5 version actually uses a small wing that makes the rear view of this car is not too pleasant to look like the WRC version.



Looking at the dashboard layout of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5, you won’t find anything except black plastic coated with special velvet. This is done so that if the rally takes place during the sweltering daylight, the reflection of the sun’s rays from the dash does not disturb the racer too much.

M-Sport as the developer of the All-New Ford Fiesta R5 took the famous Sparco vendor from Italy to make the steering wheel of this car. With a smaller steering wheel diameter than a “normal” car coupled with suede material wrapping, it makes the steering wheel comfortable for drivers to grasp.

All-New Ford Fiesta R5 is included in the class of modern rally cars. So no wonder, for this speedometer the car also uses a digital design with a full screen that is comfortable to look at as well as functional. This speedometer also has an option as a data logger to check the condition of the engine.



Not all buttons can be placed in the center of the steering wheel. To make it look neat, easily accessible and safe, some of the feature control buttons on the All-New Ford Fiesta R5 are placed in the middle. The goal, so that the driver and co-driver can easily reach this button.

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The car rolled, hit a tree, to enter the ditch or lake can occur in the rally championship. No exception even a skilled racer has the same risk, namely accident. This risk of death can be reduced by the use of technology that can save lives. And in this All-New Ford Fiesta R5 is no exception, the structure of the car’s frame is strengthened by the use of a multi-point roll cage with chrome material. The special welded technique is carried out by M-Sport to strengthen its structure.

The 1,600 cc engine that is installed on the All-New Ford Fiesta R5 is similar to its sibling who competes in the WRC class. It’s just that for the quality of the material and the electronic setup is slightly distinguished for this car. In fact, the torque of this car is 25 Nm greater than its sibling. However, the power produced by this car is still 90 Hp smaller than the previous Ford Fiesta WRC 2018.