2020 Audi A7 Review

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Audi always prioritizes their attention to detail, chasing the driver’s comfort zone. And arguably, the second generation in the Audi A7 should be Audi’s absolute comfort zone.

2020 Audi A7 3

The original 2012-2018 A7 is an elegant yet very pleasing grand tourer, with its long, low shape and a smooth driving. While the Audi A7 has a similar size and the same impression. Built on the legacy of the original design, the change still leaves a tapered roof and frameless doors and a long hatchback look.

But the 2020 model also looks very different, after the recent Audi trend. Changing the grille to be more impressive, the headlights and tail lights glare, making them look more modern, and of course more aggressive. And as with the recent Audi design, from TT Sports to Sedan A4, there is no doubt that the Audi A7 is still a very attractive car and looks very premium.

Getting a luxurious design, the original A7 debuted in 2011, becoming a stylish choice for consumers who want a medium-sized luxury sedan. Based on the A6, these cars offer 4 doors, as well as more storage flexibility. Made more sporty and muscular with unique bodywork, the new 2020 model is the latest design that continues the luxurious and elegant look of the previous generation.

Audi A7 is a luxury sedan for those who crave the style and driving the best class. Audi designers don’t change the good ones but increase the shortcomings of the first generation. Then what are the changes provided by Audi?


Audi A7 exterior

2020 Audi A7 1

A7 maintains its basic shape. But the lines are made clearer with sharper edges. It produces an elegant but impressive look. Sharper folds can be seen from the front exterior profile of the Audi A7, where the grille is made wider with the Audi four-star logo made lower. The airways become higher and more closed. While the character line flows to the top of the hood. Along the sides, the character line at the top looks sharper. Showing the masculine and muscular A7 seen from the front side.

2020 Audi A7 2

Looking at the exterior side of the Audi A7, this new generation doesn’t just look lower. The roof is 40 mm lower than the A6. This car looks even lower because of the design tricks that are applied to the curved roofline, where the Audi designer corners the folds to the edge of the roof which shows the illusion of a slightly lower part like the angle of the roof, which visually makes the look of the already low car get shorter.


Interior of Audi A7

2020 Audi A7 4

The more luxury you get on the interior of the Audi A7. The inside almost entirely gets the design of the all-new A6 sedan, elegant look you can get when you enter the cabin. Using a mixture of the best grade materials, everything in the car includes matte plywood, a black piano dashboard surface, and a leather cover, with adjustable front seats for the driver’s convenience.

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In addition to the Audi A7 dashboard getting a futuristic piano-colored design, the Audi Virtual Cockpit TFT instrument cluster with a variety of reconfigurable modes is also included. There are two touch screens in the middle of the dashboard. The 10.1-inch top screen handles radio, navigation, and various settings, while the lower 8.6-inch screen controls climate settings, but can also give large advice for navigation instructions as well as displaying various shortcut settings.

Nothing can be seen from the changes in the steering wheel of the second-generation Audi A7 in addition to Audi’s typical three-spoke steering wheel still accompanying the driving driver. But for now, maybe the steering is no longer the main part. Because the A7 in Europe already relies on the help of semi-autonomous drivers. Meanwhile, the largest trim A7 has a smart active cruise vehicle system; adjust the speed to keep up a safe distance from the car in front, and cut speed when in a bend or crossing.

Just like before, there is plenty of space in the front, while passengers in the back seat get decent legroom. Not too narrow, but not exactly roomy. The technology for the Audi A7 seat doesn’t need to be asked. The new A7 can store seven different driver profiles, such as seat and mirror placement.

Compared to the previous generation, Audi A7 luggage measurements get more cargo space. Initial measurements show passengers will get 538 liters of space in the back. But for those of you who want to bring more goods, you can fold the back seat and get up to 1,387 liters of storage space. Much wider than competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.


Audi A7 features

2020 Audi A7 6

The 10.1-inch top screen focuses mostly on audio, navigation maps, external camera portrayals, and a variety of secondary settings that are less important. Whereas all climate functions are displayed on a lower 8.6-inch screen. You can also write comments on the bottom screen with your finger for Google search and navigation. The system will recognize full words, not just comments by letters.

Audi provides a variety of virtual buttons to add a futuristic impression on the A7. The only conventional button is the left volume adjustment button. The software on the Audi A7 feature allows voice recognition which allows more natural language commands for audio, navigation and climate control. If you say “I’m cold”, you will be asked what temperature you want. And A7 will adjust it for you.

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A7 can also store seven different driver profiles. Adjust when this car is carried by your wife or child. Changes include 400 profile adjustments, such as seat and mirror placement, the temperature inside the vehicle, to interior lighting. The profile also includes favorite radio stations, preferred tone settings, and Drive Select preferences (engine, transmission and suspension adjustment) and options for instrument cluster charts.



2020 Audi A7 7

The new A7 power comes from 335 horsepower produced by a turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine which also produces 500 Nm of maximum torque, 60 Nm stronger than the last generation V6. Although the V6 is quieter in operation, this turbo is also fast, reaching 100 kph from rest in just 5.2 seconds. Although some sources say A7 can be even faster.

The Audi A7 operating system is also equipped with an Audi 7-speed twin-clutch transmission that supports the V6. This twin-clutch unit runs as smoothly as a conventional automatic transmission but responds like a twin-clutch when you need speed. The transmission will return to automatic mode when you leave the paddle shift for a long time. A7 driving ability is also equipped with an all-wheel-drive Quattro that sends power to all four directions.

2020 Audi A7 8

With a weight of 1,964 kg, the A7 is not lightweight. But Audi managed to produce excellent fuel savings. Calculated, this car has an efficiency of 22 mpg for the city streets, 29 mpg for the highway, and 25 mpg for the combination of driving. A7 is actually a lightweight hybrid car (MHEV), storing extra batteries under the rear floor.



2020 Audi A7 5

More practical and elegant than the A6 sedan, the Audi A7 gets a better chance than the previous generation. Using advanced technology, driving is made more comfortable and powerful. A stronger and lighter structure helps this car drive better than before. Juxtaposed with a lightweight 48-volt hybrid system produces smooth power, and the new two-screen entertainment system emphasizes the high-quality interior.

The Audi A7 is suitable for those who want a mix of style with utility comfort and speed like a private jet. The Audi A7 is a second-generation car that helps decide the new look for luxury cars, and a new, more precise look combined with the latest technology in accordance with the price. The point? All your money can be returned with a classy and elegant vehicle.