Car Insurance Companies

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies

Insurance is a financial product that provides protection for risks that could occur at any time. Now many companies offer insurance.

From a number of the largest insurance companies in the world, here are the Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies that we have ready.


Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies

1. AXA

At present AXA has more than 102 million customers spread across 56 countries and is included in the list of the largest insurance companies in the world. Its main business is about property, life insurance, accident insurance, storage, and asset management. In 2013, AXA acquired 51% of Seguros Colpatria insurance companies in Colombia. Still, in the same year, AXA again managed to acquire 50% of assets from a Chinese insurance company, namely Tian Ping.

Country of Origin: France
Year of Establishment: 1817
Headquarters: Paris
Key Figure: Thomas Buberl
Revenue: € 98.53 billion
Total Assets: € 887.07 billion


2. Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group now operates in 107 countries with the focus on services and insurance. The Zurich Insurance Group’s business is focused on general insurance and insurance for farmers. At present, the insurance company has more than 55,000 workers ready to serve its customers. Ranging from people to small and large-scale businesses, even multinational.

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year of Establishment: 1872
Head Office: Zurich
Key Figure: Tom de Swaan, Mario Greco
Revenue: US $ 67,245 billion
Total Assets: US $ 382.679 billion


3. China Life Insurance

This insurance company underwent a restructuring in 2003 and now has seven subsidiaries. Its main businesses are life insurance, asset management, property, and investment. Currently, China Life Insurance has been listed on the New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai stock exchanges, making it the largest insurance company in the world by market.

Country of Origin: China
Year of Establishment: 1949
Headquarters: Beijing
Key Figure: Dairen Lin, Yang Minsheng
Revenue: –
Total Assets: US $ 362.1 billion


4. Berkshire Hathaway

Initially, Berkshire Hathaway was not as big as it is today. However, thanks to Warren Buffet, this company can turn out to be very advanced as it is now. This insurance company is leading the way in handling investment in conglomerates and in the transportation, energy and services sectors.

Country of Origin: United States
Year of Establishment: 1839
Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Key Figure: Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger
Revenue: US $ 223.60 billion
Total Assets: US $ 620.85 billion


5. Prudential

Prudential now has a large market in Asian countries, the United Kingdom, and African countries. Prudential plc is already listed on the London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York stock exchanges and has around 24 million customers.

Country of Origin: England
Year of Establishment: 1848
Head Office: London
Key Figure: Paul Manduca
Revenue: £ 71,842 billion (2016)
Total assets: –


Tips on buying car insurance

From a number of features possessed by various insurance companies above, the majority of insurance companies have gone digital. So, there is no longer the complicated story of the claims process, which makes it difficult to meet with insurance officers many times.

Even so, choosing car insurance also has tips and tricks for optimal goals.


Get to know the condition of the car and the location of use

To choose car insurance that suits your needs, you must first understand the condition of the car. New output cars and old output cars or cars that have long been used certainly different needs. That way, insurance services that need to be chosen it can be different.

If the price of the car is relatively high, so it requires even large costs for minor damage, you should choose all-risk insurance. All risk insurance is also suitable for rental cars that are vulnerable to minor damage, such as scratches.

Location factors also affect the type of insurance. For example, if the daily road is quiet, but your neighborhood is known for its high crime rate, then choosing TLO insurance can be more effective.


Choose insurance with premiums that suit your needs and abilities

You certainly do not want to suddenly have to pay a premium in arrears, so you can not get most insurance benefits. Therefore, calculate how much funds you can divide to pay premiums.

As a reflection, the average price of car insurance premiums ranging from 0.8 to 1 percent of the price of cars for TLO car insurance, and 2 to 3 percent of the price of cars for all risk car insurance. Compare the number of premiums and facilities provided by each insurance company.


Check the credibility of the insurance company

The reputation of the insurance company can be seen from the ratio of customer complaints, the quality of the company’s partner workshops, and claim rules that do not complicate customers. To get this information, do not hesitate to search from various sources, ranging from the Internet to ask directly to car insurance customers that you know.


Pay attention to the service features offered

Each type of car insurance must give different benefits. Therefore, make sure you already know what service features are provided. Not only the main service, but also added services, such as towing facilities, procurement of replacement cars, ambulances, hotline services, and so on.

Even though it looks attractive, there is no need to increase the extent of collateral if you feel you don’t really need it. You certainly don’t want to pay more premiums for benefits that you don’t use, right?


Pay attention to partner workshop services

Partner workshops are an important aspect of choosing car insurance. If something happens to the car, the partner workshop is the main goal to make repairs. In addition to making sure the partner workshop has a good reputation, you should also make sure the insurance company has a partner workshop close to where you live.

Having car insurance is one way of financial protection from the risk of loss that we cannot predict. Choose car insurance that suits your needs and the ability to get ideal car insurance benefits.