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Car rental business owners can become wealthy. This is evidenced by the following list of Top 5 Best Car Rental Companies. Who are they? Car rental can be one of the profitable transportation business choices.

Best Car Rental Company

Transportation is one sector that plays an important role in economic growth. This sector is able to move people or goods/services from one place to another. Usually, transportation has near to physical infrastructures, such as roads. The transportation sector will grow as infrastructure develops around the area.

The growth of the transportation sector has also had a multiplier effect on other sectors. Not only public transportation but car rental business also supports the growth of the transportation sector. Indirect effects that are felt with the development of this business is the growth of the tourism sector caused by the ease of tourists getting transportation facilities.

Here are the 5 biggest car rental companies in the world based on indicators of the number of employees, the number of branches worldwide, and their income.


1. Enterprise

Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a US-based company based in Clayton, Missouri. Since it was founded in 1957, the company has not only been engaged in private car rental but also has a used car sales business line and truck rental business. The company, which had more than 60,000 employees at the end of 2013, expanded its business by acquiring the Vanguard Automotive Group in 2007.


2. National

National Car Rental 1

In addition to Enterprise, National Car Rental is also a car rental company headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, because National is a subsidiary of Enterprise. The company which was built in 1947 has more than 2,000 branches worldwide. Most branches are in the US, 60 and the rest are spread in more than 20 countries. One of the main services and at the same time the biggest source of income for the National is the VVIP and VIP membership cards. This card, which only applies to priority customers in the US and Canada, accounted for 40% of revenue in 2013.

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3. Alamo

Alamo Rent a Car

Alamo Rent a Car is a US-based company that is known for its innovation in the first online check-in system in 2005 in the car rental business. In addition to operating in the US, the company, which was founded in 1974, is expanding its business to Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Australia, Africa, and several European countries. Vehicle brands that spearhead this company are General Motors, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.


4. Hertz

Hertz Corporation

The Hertz Corporation originating from the United States (US) is a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings Inc., based in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. The company, which was founded in 1918, has registered branches in 145 countries. As many as 30,000 employees work in this company that was built by John D. Hertz. The company which is now headed by Mark P. Frissora at the end of 2012 managed to record revenues from sales of US $ 10.2 billion.


5. Europcar


Europcar is a French car rental company owned by Eurazeo, an investment company. The company, founded in 1949, has more than 2,800 branches. This branch of the company was also spread in 143 countries in 2007. The company, headquartered in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France, bought Vanguard EMEA with a value of 670 million euros. One of the advantages of Europcar is its service which only rents luxury cars.


Other Car Rental Companies

In addition to the 5 best car rental companies above, the following are added bonuses for several car rental companies that are widely used by its customers;


Budget Rent a Car

Budget Rent a Car System, Inc. was founded in 1958. The company, built by Morris Mirkin, is headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, USA. In contrast to Hertz which is expanding by investing purely, Budget Rent a Car is expanding its wings with a franchise system. Until the end of 2012, the number of branches reached more than 2,500 locations spread in more than 100 countries. Having around 21,000 employees in mid-2013, the company became the first car rental business in the US to be listed on the stock exchange in 1987.

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Avis Rent a Car System, LLC is a US car rental company that has its headquarters in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey. The company, which now has more than 30,000 employees, was founded by Warren Avis. At the end of 2012, the company’s sales revenue led by Naif Bamadhaj reached the US $ 1.1 billion. It has more than 4,000 branches spread in more than 90 countries. The advantage of this company is its strategy in prioritizing the construction of branches in the largest and most populous airports in the world.



Sixt is a car rental company from Germany. The Pullach-based company was founded in 1912 by Martin Sixt. Until the end of 2012, the number of company employees led by Erich Sixt was 4,000. The company has more than 3,500 branches in 105 countries. As the largest rental company in Germany, Sixt won the trust of BMW to become a major partner in the world in leasing BMW cars.


Thrifty Rent a Car

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group was originally a subsidiary of the Chrysler Group which was built in 1990. The purpose of this development was none other than to make Thrifty the only official Chrysler partner in terms of car rental. As the company grew, in 1997, Thrifty decided to separate from Chrysler. The company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, has more than 7,000 employees at the end of 2012. In the same year, the number of branches has reached more than 1,000 spread throughout the world.


ACE Rent a Car

ACE Rent a Car is a US-based car rental company that was built in 1966 by Robert Sorenson. Until the end of 2013, the number of rental branches has reached 240 units spread throughout the world. Construction of branches outside the US is placed at international airports. Until now, ACE has been recorded at 120 airports in the world. The company, led by Richard Radzis, is also known for its success in implementing the Global Distribution System (GDS) technology.