2020 BMW 3 Series Touring Review

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The design of the BMW 3 Series Touring is basically still the same as the BMW 3 Series. So, don’t be surprised if the appearance of the B-pillar going forward is identical to the sedan model.

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According to BMW Claims, this car is far better and more practical than its predecessor. What’s the explanation like? Check out the following reviews of the 2020 BMW 3 Series Touring.


BMW 3 Series Touring Exterior

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We couldn’t find the difference between the BMW 3 Series Touring and the sedan variant that had already been introduced. However, in our opinion, it is actually a good thing. We really like the bold and aggressive design used by BMW in the design of the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series, it was successfully implemented perfectly into the wagon.

The more aggressive headlight design, the four-firm lines on the bonnet that lead to the front grille, and the aggressive curve from the headlights to the lower bumper give the BMW 3 Series Touring a creepy impression.

BMW 3 Series Touring is claimed to have greater dimensions than its predecessor, this can be seen from the 41mm longer wheelbase, and front track (43mm) and rear track (21mm) which are wider than the earlier generation. Firm design is also seen with a body line that crosses from the front bumper to the rear lights, BMW also did not forget to insert the Hoffmeister Kink which became the identity of the Bavarian manufacturer on the rear glass.

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Turning back, we immediately realize that the latest generation of BMW 3 Series Touring is fuller than its predecessor, as seen from the over fender which makes this car look very solid.

Sporty impression comes with a curve that looks like a spoiler under the rear glass, as well as the installation of a twin-pipe exhaust system that makes this wagon look like a high-performance car.

Not only sporty, but this car also feels more relieved with a rear glass that is 20mm wider than the previous version. For the rear lights, the BMW 3 Series Touring uses a similar design as the sedan variant.


Rims and Tires

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BMW 3 Series Touring offers three trims, namely SE, Sport, M Sport, meanwhile in the United Kingdom it actually gets an extra variant, namely the M Sport Plus Edition.

Each trim has different rim and tire specifications, SE gets 17-inch rims, Sport gets 18-inch rims, while M Sport uses 19 19-inch two-tone rims wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero tires.

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Just like the sedan, the BMW 3 Series Touring adopts a modern but elegant cockpit design. The interior looks like a Z4 sportscar, where the instrument panel is integrated with the infotainment screen. For cabin materials, BMW improves the quality of materials used, such as hard plastic and leather to give comfort for its users.


Dashboard and steering

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Just like the sedan, the BMW 3 Series Touring gets an instrument screen of 12.3 inches using a new design and adjusted to the available trim levels.

The screen is next to the iDrive console which has different dimensions, if you buy the SE trim, then you will get an infotainment screen of 9 inches, and one inch larger for the M Sport variant.

You will also be presented with a new, more elegant center console design with a metal style, where there are many function keys such as start / stop engine and mode buttons for a number of settings.


Chairs and Luggage

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The seat design and seating place of the BMW 3 Series Touring is also the same as the sedan, at least until you move to the second row. The second-row seats have a 40/20/40 configuration and can be folded flat on the floor through buttons in the luggage area.

One of the attractions and an important factor in the selection of station wagons are the large baggage, the enlarged dimensions of the BMW 3 Series Touring have an impact on the increased luggage capacity, which is 500 liters.

The capacity is greater than the Mercedes C-Class Estate, although it cannot yet beat the 529 liter capacity of Volvo V60. If that isn’t enough, you can fold the second chair, and get up to 1500 liters of storage.

BMW 3 Series Touring has a myriad of features embedded, this is very reasonable, because the previous generation has circulated for seven years, and requires massive feature updates to keep up with rivals’ products.

A variety of the latest technology embedded in this car, ranging from personal help, driving features, and practicality.


BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

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BMW is trying to follow Mercedes in developing its new vehicle assistant system. To activate it, you only need to say “Hey BMW”. This system opens the path of interaction for cars and drivers, the system will help drivers, learn their preferences and familiarize themselves with the rider’s favorite settings.

Another unique feature is that you can give it a name. So you can personalize the system, such as activating it as “Hi My Car”, or the like.

If you take a variant with a 10-inch screen, you have internet and satnav ability, which allows you to use features such as free parking search, or the latest fuel price updates.

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Driving feature

When compared with the previous generation, the BMW 3 Series Touring has a 25% better body rigidity, even in some parts up to 50%. In addition, this car also has a balanced front-rear weight distribution.

Both of these factors promise a cooler driving experience, especially if you take the optional M Sport Plus package, you will get an electronic control damper and variable sports steering that makes driving control feel more direct.


Practicality features

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Just like its predecessor generation, the BMW 3 Series Touring also has a rear glass that can be opened separately, giving it practicality to retrieve items that are on the top of the cargo.

The trunk floor is also made deeper, which makes luggage capacity increase than before. So that your luggage is not scattered when driving, you can add anti-slip rails, the automatic tailgate is also present as a standard in this car.


Engine Variant

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Just like a sedan, there are six engine variants that you can choose for the BMW 3 Series Touring, three gasoline engines and three diesel engines, each of which uses a turbocharger.

For the lowest diesel trim using the inline-4.2 liter B47D20 turbo engine that spits out 148 hp (318d) and 188 hp (320d) for torque, this engine produces 320 Nm (318d) and 400 Nm (320d). If you are looking for a BMW 3 Series Touring with a manual transmission, you can take both of these cars.

For the 330d, BMW has an inline-6 3 liters B57D30 turbocharged engine producing 261 hp and 580 Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0-100 km in 5.5 seconds. Faster than 320d (6.8 seconds) and 318d (8.4 seconds).

Turning to the gasoline engine variant, BMW has three trims with 320i and 330i using the B48B20 engine which produces 181 hp power and 300 Nm of torque for 320i, and 255 hp and 400 Nm of torque at 330i.

For those of you who like speed, we recommend taking the M340i trim which uses an inline-6.3 liter engine with 382 hp power and 500 Nm of torque and can go from 0-100 in just 4.4 seconds.

The M340i variant is also the only one that presents the xDrive all-wheel-drive system as standard. BMW is also preparing a hybrid plug-in variant that will be introduced next year.