2020 BMW M5 5

2020 BMW M5 Review

BMW M5 Edition 35 Years 2020 comes as a commemoration of the birth of BMW Motorsport GmbH which catapulted the name of BMW M as one of the best sporty sedan producers today.

As names, the BMW M5 special edition was introduced to commemorate the birth of BMW Motorsport GmbH 35 years ago. This car offers a 6-cylinder inline engine from a BMW M1 sports car. This car also has the most powerful engine in the history of the M model, with most power launched at 625 horsepower.

Those of you who want to get this car, it’s worth rushing. Because this special edition is only limited to 350 units produced worldwide. Want to find out more about this special edition, consider first the review of the 2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years from us below.


BMW M5 Exterior

The special edition M5 is based on the M5 Competition. As far as the exterior and most of the appearance gift is not so different. Of course, there are some changes that give a unique impression to this ‘birthday edition’ car.

2020 BMW M5 3

Looking at the front of this car, there is practically no difference with the face design of the M5 Competition. The savage impression can be seen from the use of special paints typical of BMW Individual, Frozen Drak Gray II metallic. The ‘kidney’ grille typical of BMW with carbon design is the main attraction in front, it equipped with the iconic M5 logo.

The difference felt of car is the technology on the headlights. Accompany you as during driving at night, the headlights get a BMW Laserlight illumination system for largest lighting complete with selective beam technology.

The side view is not much different compared to the M5 Competition, but the most striking difference on the exterior side of this car is the 20-inch alloy rims Y spoke design and the special Graphite Gray color designed for Special Edition car. It Gives the impression of sportiness and golden brake calipers with a contrasting tone to the rim.

Even to the back, the sporty appearance of the M5 Competition is still maintained. For example, the design of the rear lights and the curve of the stern. As a complement, there is a shark fin antenna found on the roof made with carbon fiber material. The bumper design still offers a sporty impression with 2 twin exhaust pipes.


Interior of the BMW M5

The impression of luxury and elegance of special edition car is felt with the exclusive interior used, namely aluminum finish finishes with anodized carbon structure, first used in the BMW M. This car feels special with the words “M5 Edition 35 Jahre” on the door sill.

2020 BMW M5 2

The combination of elegance and futuristic design is ready to vise on the dashboard of this car. Seen from the way BMW combines conventional buttons and digital panels. You can get a surface with a smooth and sparkling structure in the instrument panel area, door trim section, and center console.

The combination of gold and silver and black accents makes the middle look feel elegant and different compared to other BMW models. One of them carved “M5 Edition 35 Jahre 1/350” with a cupholder cover on the center console.

A multi-function steering wheel that is often used in modern cars still accompanies you when driving this car. Its comfort is tested with a layer of skin that adorns the steering wheel with beige contrast stitching. It just like other BMW models, there is a silver accent that is a sweetener. There is a paddle shift behind the steering wheel while the instrument cluster is fully digital

There’s not much to see from the BMW M5 Edition 35 Years seat beside its sporty appearance with a bucket seat covered in Black Full Merino leather. The color is made black without any other accents making an elegant impression of itself for this car. Some features are provided, such as electric chair arrangements. But you can also add massage chair features, of course with the addition of prices.


BMW M5 Features

Not a special edition name if without the features and new technologies developed by BMW at this time. This car is the first BMW 5 Series to get a BMW Laserlight, which is a new lighting system from BMW with variable street lighting and Selective Beam that will help you when driving at night.

2020 BMW M5 4

In addition, there is a multi-function steering wheel, floating head unit with a large 12.3-inch touch screen, to an electric parking brake. For other features such as the BMW Operating System 7.0 and BMW Live Cockpit Professional become an important part of your entertainment in the car. Reinforced with audio and speaker systems made by Bowers and Wilkins Diamond.

For those of you who want a better driving experience, BMW includes a number of standard packages, such as the Executive Package with other luxury feature such as power window shades, front massage chairs, wireless charging, and a surround-view camera system. The M Driver package can increase the top speed from 250 kph to 305 kph.


BMW M5 engine

As explained earlier, M5 Edition 35 Years was made based on the M5 Competition. Includes a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine used. BMW has made some improvements by making a special edition that can produce up to 650 horsepower and peak torque of 750 Nm.

2020 BMW M5 1

Direct power lines with suspension technology specifically configured to increase ride comfort. Power is channeled to all wheels via the M xDrive and Active M Differential all-wheel-drive drive system in the rear axle. This car can also be driven from rest to 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 250 kph.

In its official statement, BMW said that this special edition will present a driving experience like that offered by the BMW M5 Competition. It provides strong thrust, optimal traction, and exceptional driving stability, and precise handling.

Need more energy? Buy the M Driver Package which raises the top speed to 305 kph. With a savage force, of course, the responsibility generated is greater. Therefore, BMW also provides M Intensive Training from the BMW Driving Experience. And of course, this training is provided free of charge.



A grim and sporty look is the main attraction of the BMW M5 Edition 35 Years. The engine provided is quite savage. But for those of you who want extra speed, there is the M Driver Package. More expensive, but with clear performance more satisfying adrenaline. You can also get free M Intensive Training.

There are several unique items that will be the differentiator of this car with the M5 Competition as its base. Although overall, there are no significant additions between these two expensive cars. Then for BMW fans and moneyed petrolheads, this car can be a promising collection item.