2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine Review

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BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine is known as BMW’s Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), curious what will be added to this model SAV? Come see the full review below.



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The most visible difference is in the new exterior. Following the development of BMW’s design, the exterior of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine brings a variety of appearance changes. Not only to give refreshments, but there are many aspects of functionality contained in every change.

Compared to the first generation before the facelift, the new kidney grille’s wider design after the development of the new Series 3 immediately attracted attention. This time it was made into a one-piece grille unit that was bigger than before. Although it still doesn’t have an Active Kidney Grille system that can open or close automatically like the Series 7.

The headlights get a new design that is made bigger and equipped with adaptive features able to offer better visibility at night. Interestingly, BMW abandoned the design of the rounded fog lights by presenting a rectangular designed foglamp on the bottom bumper, right under the distinctive ornaments of the new X-Series.

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The side of the front exterior of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine both get air holes that are useful for flowing wind on the tires, aiming to cool the braking system. While on the lower left side, there are air holes to help cool the oil intercooler. While the right side is closed, maintaining driving aerodynamics.

BMW proved that the X1 is no ordinary SUV. The impression of luxury is ready to vise when you are on the side of the car. There is a ‘welcome’ accent on the side in the form of lights from the rearview mirror that flash downwards, giving the sign “X1” on the floor next to the car door.

Changes that can be seen can be felt on the side skirts that are made like footsteps for a sportier look. Although this accent is only for decoration because X1 has a relatively low ground clearance. Complementing the exterior side of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine is blue side silk that greets you when you open the door.

At the rear, the rear lights are made larger and pointing to the side, after the new BMW design language. Because of the high trunk door, you can open the trunk easily just by moving your feet near the bumper through the BMW Comfort Access. And at the bottom of the rear exterior of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine, placing a silver skid plate and exhaust pipe made wider to 90 mm.

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Not a BMW if it does not present a variety of luxury when entering the cabin. The leather upholstered seat design and soft-touch material will go with you while driving. Although there are still a variety of hard plastic materials at the bottom of the door, various interior features of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine will make your trip enjoyable.

Just like other new cars, the leather-coated multi-function steering wheel will make it easy for you to use various features in the vehicle. While the tilt-telescopic function on the steering wheel of the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine will help you get better comfort and driving position and by driving preferences. BMW also revealed that this car is equipped with M-Steering for more responsive handling.

Soft-touch material has indeed become an important part of comfort in the car. Where the dashboard also feels soft with an ergonomic and driver-oriented interior. Seen in the 8.8-inch infotainment system which is equipped with a touch screen. In addition, the difference with the earlier model is in the transmission lever on the center console that now uses a joystick.

Premium impression can be felt when sitting in a BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine seat. Not replaced, but the seat gets a typical BMW artificial leather that almost feels like real leather with a difference in the stitching pattern compared to the earlier generation. There are settings on the driver’s seat to support the thigh and offer a better driving experience.

As for your convenience, there is an electric seat management system with a memory feature. So you can save your chair settings. At the back of the seat, there is a pocket to place books or luggage for passengers. Visitors in the second row also have a spacious headroom and legroom, even when the front seat is backed up.

Specifically for families, the X1 has better storage compartments. Luggage is made flat on the floor. But for those of you who want bigger storage space, can open the floor and get more space for your belongings. The electric seat arrangement in the second row can also be advanced to increase luggage space.

As explained by BMW, the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine’s luggage capacity is 505 liters with a largest space of 1,550 liters, or 15% better than the earlier edition. BMW’s decision to install flat-tire tires for the X1 makes it unnecessary for you to store spare tires, thus giving extra space for luggage.


2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine Features

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Although the X1 is the lowest line of the X-Series family, this car also has a variety of steering and entertainment equipment that is not inferior to other BMW lines of cars. Although you could say, some of the blank buttons on the middle control show some features are deliberately not used in the version being sold. Of course to save costs.

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One thing that distinguishes this car from its competitors is the Apple CarPlay wireless feature, offering compatibility without having to connect it with a cable. So, you can open settings and various features faster with just your iPhone. Even without cables, the system is still responsive compared to when you use cables.

But besides that, there are still many other features that make this car to be reckoned with. Like the keyless entry system, seat arrangements that have been electric, 12V power socket for rear passengers, as well as a new look of a panoramic glass roof compared to the earlier edition. Not to forget, the BMW X1 sDrive18i xLine feature is equipped with a rear camera and Park Distance Control (PDC).

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One thing that is an important part of the driving comfort of the X1 is the adaptive suspension feature used. No need to bother to adjust the suspension, because the system will automatically work; the suspension will be soft when you walk on poor road conditions and harden when you walk at high speed.

In addition to the airbags and three-point seatbelt with Tensioner and Belt Force Limiter, there are many safety systems embedded in this car. Some of them are Dynamic Stability Control DSC), Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), plus Multi Collision Brake.



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Looking at the engine, there is no change with the X1 which still uses a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder engine. But for better efficiency, BMW announced that there was an increase of 6 horsepower compared to before, thus making the engine able to issue 140 horsepower and a largest 220 Nm of torque.

Still using a front-wheel-drive engine, this facelift edition relies on a new transmission system, which is a 7-speed automatic with a double-clutch. BMW limits its highest speed electronically to 201 km/hour.

With the new engine settings, fuel efficiency is quite high. This car also has a pretty high fuel economy, especially with stop/go conditions that are often found in big cities full of traffic jams.