2020 Ford Everest Review

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The presence of the Ford Everest trembled the king of Japan, the Mitsubishi All New Pajero Sport and the Toyota All New Fortuner.



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If you are not a car enthusiast, of course, it will be difficult to find differences between before the facelift and after undergoing facial renewal. Because, at first glance, the front is not too much different from before.

However, if you pay close attention, now the front face of the Ford Everest is more mature and elegant. Soft silver color meets the bottom of the bumper, fog lamp cover, to underguard which makes it look fresher and more mature.

In general, no significant changes were presented by the Ford Motor Company to their reliable ladder-based SUV, only the rim experienced refreshment. Indeed, it is still the same using a diameter of 20 inches, but now it is equipped with the latest multi-spoke design that makes a new impression on this car.

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You are guaranteed to be even more disappointed when you see the rear view of the Ford Everest because from the exterior there are no really striking changes. The lamp design is still the same, the bumper gets only a little touch, and the door is still the same as the old one. It seems that Ford engineers need to be more diligent in opening the design literature, so as not to run out of ideas in designing good and pleasant cars to look at. It’s better to run out of ink to design, and not run out of fresh ideas.



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After being disappointed to see the minimal exterior side with the changes, then whether this feeling of disappointment will continue when looking at the interior? Well, what do you think? Let’s discuss the interior side.

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Unfortunately, your great hopes for the interior of this car, which are expected to change, have to be forgotten. It turned out that Ford engineers still retained the original design of Everest. Only a small part has changed, such as the placement of buttons. But what we like about this Ford Everest is the steering wheel that looks thick and is filled with control buttons, both audio control buttons, and display control buttons on the vehicle. The impression of a typical American pickup truck still feels thick in this car.

What do you remember clearly about American cars? Of course, in addition to the large capacity engine, the seats are also large and able to support the body comfortably due to good economics. No wonder, because in America, dominant with a straight road that is long, wide, and seems to be endless. That requires a chair that is large, soft, and wide. This is a very positive point in the interior of this American car. In addition, the leather material on the seats and some trims make the impression of luxury from this car increasingly felt.

For the interior sector, you could say this is the completeness that makes the Ford Everest as one of the SUVs with the best ladder chassis because it is equipped with panoramic roof features that create a wide aura in the cabin and bright.



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Then what about the features? American cars are known to be royal about the features provided to their consumers. Is the same thing happening in this latest Ford Everest? Let’s look together.

The impression of an American car that controls off-road is also owned by Ford Everest. Although the engine is now only 2000 cc, but never underestimate its performance. Because Ford Everest is also able to cross on light off-road tracks. For this reason, they placed the 4×4 feature adjustment lever that is easily accessible by hand. Precisely next to this Ford Everest automatic transmission lever.

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With a total length of cars reaching 4,893 mm and a width of 1,862 mm, not all motorists are able to control properly when having to maneuver in a narrow parking lot. Fortunately, the technology always helps, with a parking camera whose projections can be seen on the head unit screen. Certainly, it will make it easier for Ford Everest drivers.



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If you are disappointed with the exterior and interior of this car, you will be satisfied with the operating sector of this car. Because Ford Everest uses a new engine and a new transmission.

Although the engine capacity is reduced to 2200 cc, but do not mess with the performance of this car. The engine is 2000 cc with an extra turbocharger which is a device for forced air compressors. This machine is capable of spraying power of 213 KW or about 211 hp at 3,750 rpm engine speed. As well as the giant 500 Nm of torque that has begun to be felt since the engine speed range of 1,750 to 2,000 rpm, making the pounding torque of this car feels very spinning down.

This 2000 cc engine is equipped with a double turbo (Bi-Turbo) and is escorted with a 10-speed transmission with a short ratio, which makes this car aggressive at low speed.