2020 Ford Kuga Review

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When it comes to selling Ford’s best-selling cars in Europe, Kuga ranks third after Fiesta and Focus. This achievement was considered positive by Ford officials and finally decided to give an update in the All-New Kuga version this year.

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2020 Ford Kuga is designed with electrical performance, which is a trend in the automotive world lately. For more information, let’s look together.

Why is the name Kuga? Of course, we realize that some of the readers might be reminded of the figure of Kamen Rider Kuuga. But the real facts are different, Ford of Europe named it Kuga, inspired by the word “Cougar”, considered a good idea. In fact, many people and international media consider it controversial. While from Ford America and Australia, it seems safer to play by calling it the Ford Escape.

The most recent generation is the one to be discussed this time, released right on April 2, 2019. With the latest generation now, Ford Kuga has a total of three generations starting in 2008. So what does this new generation offer?

You need to know, this Compact SUV is offered in three Hybrid engine choices namely Plug-In Hybrid, EcoBlue (Mild-Hybrid) and Hybrid (Full Hybrid). Of course, this is a bold step from Ford to welcome the automotive world of the future.



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Ford claims that the exterior design of the Ford Kuga looks more Premium than before. Dimensions Wheelbase and Bonnet have a longer dimension so it looks more athletic and character. Energetic, maybe is the right word to describe the figure outside.

Narrow eyes, radiating firmly and sharply from the headlights. Daytime Running Light (DRL) classmate features reinforce its message as an Urban-style SUV. Whereas when observing the front Grille, this panel is designed with a very large size, shaped like a diamond texture combined with a firm and sporty bumper silhouette. Energetic nuance was clearly conveyed from the front face.

Turning to the side, the Ford Kuga is equipped with 17-inch rims as a standard choice. Meanwhile, the SUV’s masculine message booster is also implied from the Roof Rail feature mounted on the roof. Other sweeteners are also displayed from chrome accents, both on the Roof Rail to the side glass temples.

Another story when observing the stern sector. For us, the dimensions of the rear body tend to be too round, seem less athletic. But fortunately, the Twin Sport Tailpipe Exhaust becomes one of the rear body decoration panels of the Ford Kuga. On the other hand, the minimalist style Rear Spoiler also successfully conveys the scent of crossover on its body.



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When compared to the second generation, Ford Kuga’s interior space feels more spacious and spacious. This can be observed from the body data which is 89 mm longer, 44 mm wider and Wheelbase dimensions increased by 20 mm. Not only does the Head Room get taller but also the chairs are more comfortable.

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From the information we got, indeed the Ford Kuga dashboard design was made very comfortable. In fact, all the buttons arranged neatly as if to make the driver and the vehicle together. All things become easier to run, ranging from driving needs, navigation to multimedia.

The most interesting thing on the dashboard is the 12.3-inch Digital Head Unit panel, supporting 24-Bit True Color. Everything displayed on the screen is very spoiled the eyes thanks to the support of the High Definition and Full-Color Spectrum features. This is truly considered a first-class comfort for the international community when observing the Ford Kuga cabin.

The steering wheel is also wrapped in luxurious leather, giving the driver premium comfort. The design itself is quite comfortable to look at, considering its round shape is given a square texture on the bottom side. Whereas in terms of features, the steering wheel is equipped with Cruise Control technology, audio settings and the feature of answering fast phones.

The chair also gets a change in terms of relief considering the body dimensions increase in length and width from the previous one. In fact, the Ford claims that the seats on the Kuga are the Best in Class, considering the Legroom at the rear can be increased to 1,035 mm. Yes, because the second-row seats can be arranged in such a way as to get some relief when sitting down or increase luggage capacity.


Safety Features


Behind its controversial name, the Ford Kuga feature cannot be underestimated. Both in terms of safety and entertainment, Kuga is equipped with very complete features.

Just like today’s cars, the Ford Kuga is equipped with innovative technology. Maybe for those of us who are familiar with the types of cars in circulation today, the technology at Kuga still feels strange.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Lane Keeping System (LKS), are some of the interesting features that have the function to keep the view of the driver in the blind spot and keep the vehicle moving so that it remains on the road lane. This is deliberately designed solely so that users become safer in driving.

On the other hand, there are also features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Centring. This combination of features is designed so that the driver can drive safely and comfortably, even though traveling long distances. Monitor safe speed limits, read traffic signs and keep up vehicle speed.

While from the aspect of parking, Ford provides Kuga with Active Park Assist 2 technology, where the vehicle can process parking automatically without the need for driver control. In this case, the driver only needs to find the right parking space for the car then press the Active Park Assist button. Pretty advanced, right?


Entertainment Features

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For the first time in history, Ford Kuga is equipped with the FordPass Connect feature where the car can give WiFi Hotspots for 10 Gadgets. This is certainly very supportive of your activities, both for office communication activities to lectures. On the other hand, there are also Live Traffic Updates from the navigation system so you can find a fast and safe driving path to reach your destination.

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All of this can be applied to the 12.3 inch LCD Instrument Cluster which has been explained in the Dashboard segment above. All information contained is very clear and easy to read, considering the High Definition feature has been applied to the panel. Interestingly, the audio panel is supported by B&O Sound System, 10 quality speakers so that all passengers can listen to music with most sound quality.


Ford Kuga 2020 engine

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Unlike the Hyundai Ioniq, which offers three “flavor” engines ranging from Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and Electric engines. Ford Kuga’s engine operations seem different which does not offer Full-Electric, but only Hybrid types in three configurations. There are at least three ‘flavors’ also including the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid, EcoBlue Hybrid, and Kuga Hybrid. So what’s the difference?

First, the Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid is a combination of a conventional engine with an electric motor. Gasoline is the main fuel and on the other hand, electric fuel is also needed. It’s clear, the difference here is that electric power can be charged from the electric charging station and from the Regenerative Charging braking process. The power generated from the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid can touch the number 225 PS and the estimated fuel consumption of 1.2 Liters for 100 Km.

Second is the Ford Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid. This variant uses an EcoBlue diesel engine with a 2.0 Liter capacity. Of course, the Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid version is an economical model with an estimated 5.0 Liter / 100 Km. The Belt Driven Integrated Starter / Generator (BISG) works as an alternator with a function to charge electricity through braking. The power that can be produced reaches 150 PS.

Ford Kuga Hybrid relies on personal electric charging, Self-Charging Full-Hybrid. This type of car has an estimated fuel consumption of 5.6 Liters / 100 Km, feels more extravagant than the Plug-In Hybrid version. This is because Kuga Hybrid does not use a battery as large as a Plug-In Hybrid, but has positive things in terms of a more affordable price.



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Although the name sounds controversial and cannot be positively accepted by many parties, Ford Kuga is even more confident by presenting its third generation this year. For those of us who judge a vehicle not by its name but in terms of features and comfort, it is clear that the Ford Kuga is an attractive model and cannot be taken lightly.