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2020 Honda Acura NSX Review

Entering its fourth year on the market, 2020 Honda NSX (marketed in North America more popularly called by the name of Honda Acura NSX) get a second generation facelift that provides a fairly comprehensive mid-hybrid engine change, along with increased soft aesthetics, and dynamic tweaks to the chassis.

Offering several updates, the Honda Acura NSX has been designed to become more interesting, Honda mentions “more fun for everyday life”. It sounds like two opposing targets, but Honda’s technicians were able to make it happen thanks to a carefully selected update for the 29-year-old sportscar.

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The history of the NSX began in 1984, with the concept of the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental) which is a 3.0L dual-engine sports car engine on the rear wheel. Honda uses this project to follow even beyond the ranks of the Ferrari V8 engine while offering reliability and lower prices. This concept evolved and its name changed to “New”, “Sportscar”, and “X” (X in the Mathematical symbol stands for unknown variable).

NSX was designed with a team led by Chief Designer Masahito Nakano and Chief Engineer Executive Shigeru Uehara, this car was first introduced at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show before being sold in 1990. Getting a larger 3.2 V6 engine and a facelift in 2002, the first-generation NSX was stopped in 2005.

In December 2007, Honda announced plans to launch a replacement for the NSX in 2010. But in December 2011, Honda reappeared with the second generation NSX concept and was launched at the 2012 North America International Auto Show as the Acura NSX Concept.


Honda Acura NSX Exterior

For the facelift, the hybrid supercar gets a larger stabilizer bar and increases rigidity by 26% in the front and 19% in the rear. Changes to the exterior of the Honda Acura NSX are very subtle, with the front grille getting a more appropriate color and bumper showing a glossy impression.

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On the front exterior of the Honda Acura NSX, the decoration of the front grille that used to be silver now changes to the body color. Is giving a more cohesive look, of course, a matter of taste. While the lower part where the grille gets high-gloss finishing, such as air intakes on the sides. In addition, there are no significant changes to the front. The headlights are still narrow and typical NSX grille and air comments on the left and right of the front.

There are not many changes to the exterior side of the Honda Acura NSX. Still gives a smooth design, ground clearance does not change, still 110 mm. Tires use Continental SportContact 6 that was developed specifically for this car. While the front tires measuring 245 / 35ZR19 and larger rear tires recorded 305 / 30ZR20

As explained earlier, the roll bar on the rear exterior of the Honda Acura NSX is made more rigid thereby increasing stability during driving. But nothing has changed, only the back is stiffer.

But it seems the same story is still seen in the interior of the Honda Acura NSX. But Honda provides a new upholstery color that makes the cabin more lively. First, there is the new Indigo Blue color for semi-aniline skin and Alcantara leather combo.


Interior of the Honda Acura NSX

There are not many changes to the Honda Acura NSX dashboard that are made smoother at the top of the dashboard. The AC hole is made more elegant on the infotainment system, compared to the erratic leaning like the earlier version. Middle control also gets smoother and futuristic changes. But still, for a class of sports car, not so many buttons can be played on the interior of this car.

A slight change to the steering wheel of the Honda Acura NSX which still maintains the three-spoke steering wheel, but it is made smoother. Compared to the earlier version that it was made ‘sharp’. There are more setting buttons provided for the facelift version, such as the cruise control feature and the Acura logo in the center of the wheel.

Lightweight sporty seats that can be adjusted four directions manually and wrapped in Black Milani and Alcantara leather are now standard for all models. For those who want a multicolored design, Honda also provides the option of more leather seats filled with new colors on the Honda Acura NSX seat. Previously available in Ebony, now it can be ordered in red if you want a more colorful cabin.


Features of the Honda Acura NSX

Compared to the earlier model, the standard on the Honda Acura NSX feature is made more. Moreover, the Satellite-Linked Navigation system, ELS Studio’s premium audio system, front and rear proximity sensors, aluminum sporty pedals that were before optional equipment are now standard features of the vehicle.

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Better technology is included for the hybrid powertrain, electric power steering, and the Vehicle Stability Assist system to offer improved, balance and steering response especially in Sport, Sport + and Track settings. Compared to the model that was launched in early 2015, the latest NSX is indeed made faster.

Honda made various changes to the chassis components, especially to make the car more responsive. Japan designed the larger front and rear stabilizer bars, components that increase rigidity by 26% on the front and 19% on the rear. With this improved feature, Honda also recalibrated several electronic systems, including the SH-AWD system, active magnetorheological dampers, power steering, and VSA settings.

Speaking of tires, the Honda Acura NSX gets a new Continental SportContact 6 that was developed specifically for this car. This new tire has a tread pattern that is revised and constructed to improve handling performance in all conditions, including driving in wet weather.



Unlike the first-generation NSX, the second-generation sports car uses a hybrid drivetrain. Since being reintroduced in 2016, the Japanese coupé has been powered by a 3.5L V6 engine and three electric motors. The Honda Acura NSX operating system is installed behind the seat. The twin-turbo V6 that was developed specifically for this car combines direct injection and produces 500 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

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Of the three electric motors, one sits between the engine and the dual-clutch transmission with nine speeds that produce 47 horsepower and 148 Nm of torque. The other two motors rotate the front axle with 36 horsepower and 73 Nm of torque. So that the total output of this car is 573 horsepower and 645 Nm. Driven with an all-wheel-drive system which increases acceleration and stability when cornering, accelerating from 0-100 kph in less than three seconds and a top speed of 307 kph.