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2020 Honda CR-V Review

Honda CR-V finally landed in the United States, carrying Hybrid technology for the first time in history. Its features are even more complete, prioritizing driving comfort and a formidable body. Let’s look and review together about this 2020 Honda CR-V.

it seems that Honda CR-V sales in America are quite successful and generate large profits. With optimism, Honda always reveals this fact in various Press Release. So do not be surprised if the Honda CR-V will come to enliven the competition of the Medium SUV segment through the presence of Hybrid technology.

Honda said that the Honda CR-V released was the first Hybrid model among Honda’s ranks of SUVs. Of course, this will be very interesting for the urban community today, wanting fuel-efficient vehicles and have a tough body. For more information, let’s look at the Honda CR-V review.


Honda CR-V Exterior

Changes not only found on the engine but also the exterior design of the Honda CR-V. Its appearance is slightly changed compared to the designs sold in the previous version. But amazingly, we still recognize that this car is the original character of the Honda CR-V.

2020 Honda CR V 3

From the front fascia, changes are more for the side of the Grille and bumper. In the Grille sector, such as, it is designed with a black background combined with thin chrome accents on its temples. Likewise about bumpers, seem more aggressive than earlier versions. But to be honest, more chrome accents are reduced so that the impression of luxury seems to be a supporting element.

In the Hybrid version, available box-shaped fog lights equipped with five LEDs. On the other hand, other interesting things are found on the Honda logo on the Grille, which is given an extra blue color. This has successfully become the main differentiator of the Hybrid version with other versions.

For matters of the side body, there are changes to the 18-inch rims, which apply Dark Gray color and Machined style touches. This feels quite tempting, giving a sporty and masculine aura on the sides.

Most changes are found in the back sector. Especially for the Hybrid Touring variant, such as, getting a more unique design. In the Tailpipe component pinned rather faintly on the underside. More than that, Taillights lights are also given a chance to the Garnish side, right under the rear glass.


Interior of Honda CR-V

There are striking differences in the interior of the Honda CR-V Hybrid and Non-Hybrid versions. The most unique is the Hybrid type, richer in features because of its operation which is slightly different from conventional machines.

From inside the cabin, you will be presented with a view that quite spoils the eyes. The dashboard is packed with black combined with a slight touch of Dark Brown. The ingredients themselves use Soft Touch material, successfully giving the impression of Premium and elegance.

The unique element is located on the Head Unit panel which conveys more information such as the electric motor battery’s charging status. On the other hand, there are also three choices of driving modes such as ECON, Sport and EV. Unfortunately, this one feature is found in the Honda CR-V Hybrid only.

2020 Honda CR V 4

Regarding the steering wheel, the features offered are still the same, namely the audio settings button, Cruise Control and speed dial buttons. What’s different is available Deceleration Selector Paddles on the left side. Its function is nothing but accelerating the charging of an electric motor battery through the deceleration cycle.

Through the completeness, the Honda CR-V won NCAP’s 5-star score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also gave the TOP SAFETY PICK + rating for the safety element of the latest CR-V.

No need to worry about feeling bored, the cabin already has quite complete entertainment. In fact, for those of you who are after the Smartphone trend, the Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring now has a Wireless Charging feature. Interesting, really interesting for us, given the feature is rarely found in cars manufactured at this time.

For multimedia functions such as listening to radio and video, it has a perfectly embedded 7-inch Touchscreen screen. Modern formats such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, have been presented making it easier to enjoy music.


Honda CR-V engine

The time has come for us to discuss more closely the operation of the Honda CR-V engine. In its vision and mission, Honda really intends to make its products have electric-powered engines in the coming 2030. Therefore, Honda CR-V is one of the pioneering products in achieving this vision.

2020 Honda CR V 1

The power used for the Honda CR-V Hybrid is a 2.0 Liter 16 valve DOHC combined with two electric motors. The electric motor itself is adopted directly from the Honda Accord Hybrid, promising 40 percent more efficient performance.



Honda CR-V as Honda’s first Hybrid SUV feels will look sexy in the next few years. Seeing his background which is selling well in various countries, it is felt that he will be able to attract the attention of consumers to turn towards Hybrid. Honda Sensing safety technology, the success of making the Honda CR-V has a 5-star NCAP safety score and TOP SAFETY PICK +. If we were told to choose, where is the best Hybrid SUV? Of course, we already have the answer.