2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept

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In order to welcome the automotive world in the future, it is clear that various automotive industries are starting to prepare cars for the future. One of them is KIA recently showed off the sophistication of HabaNiro at the 2019 New York International Auto Show.

KIA HabaNiro Concept 9

Besides having a futuristic all-round design, this car also presents innovative technology. Anything? Let’s look at the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept review.

KIA Motors America (KMA) shows the place to face the future car by presenting HabaNiro. This one of concept car is packed in a Full Electric Vehicle engine. During operation, this car no longer uses conventional fuels but depends on electrical energy.

KIA HabaNiro Concept 6

This concept is still fairly new for us who often see the car of the future, because many automotive companies are still struggling with urban electric cars only. Few penetrated the Off-Road terrain. In the fact KIA HabaNiro answered that. For more complete information, let’s review together about the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept.


KIA HabaNiro Concept Exterior

KIA HabaNiro Concept 3

Futuristic feels on the exterior of the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept.Really looks masculine but also futuristic on the other side. The feel of the future really feels thick, ranging from the use of white on several sides to the design curves.

The front face looks like a shark, sharp but also convex on one side. The concoction is also complete with front bumpers that resemble shark teeth on both ends. In fact a success conveying HabaNiro’s character which is both firm and strong.

On the other hand, the use of LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) which can glow periodicall. It gives a message of car that breathinga, if it were not dead but alive. Actually it like about KIA, something new in the world of car exterior design.

KIA HabaNiro Concept 8

The adventurous character can also be observed from its side body, high ground clearance and the use of 20-inch tires, successfully conveying its unique character. Interestingly, the openings on each door use the ‘Butterfly Doors’ model that opens up. As if conveying to consumers, “This is the model of the vehicle that you will enjoy in the future.”

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The back body itself looks bulging, reinforcing the masculine character of the body. The design of the curve is also in line with the rear bumper which tends to rise. Another special thing is also on the side of the lamp which is packed after the C-Pillar plot, clad in the color of Red Lava.


KIA HabaNiro Concept Interior

KIA HabaNiro Concept 7

Specifically in the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept interior space, motorists will be presented with a futuristic all-red room and Red Lava. It is not to mention, how to open the door with the style of ‘Butterfly Doors’ gives a special impression for those who enter this car.

There are no complicated buttons inside, everything is packed very concisely. Even the Head Unit panel is barely found. Then where is it located? Right on the windshield which will be operated using the Touchpad.

Maybe there are some of you who are frowning while muttering, “Does the multimedia display on the windshield do not interfere with the view and have the potential for an accident?” Calm buddy, the car is claimed by KIA to use the steering wheel and automatic speed without the need for steering from the driver. All of vehicles rate processes are autonomously regulated.

The chair itself was designed as if it were flying. As a spice of the futuristic feel that the KIA carried. The bandage also looks comfortable and has been equipped with Head Rest as head support for each passenger. Interestingly, the contour of the chair is also designed to match the owner’s body posture.


KIA HabaNiro Concept Features

KIA HabaNiro Concept 2

So what technology will be presented in this car? In the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept feature segment, we will explain it in full.

In recent years, the Illumination Lamp feature on a vehicle has, in fact, had a significant influence on a person. Similarly, KIA HabaNiro also applies Lightning Color Effect (LEC) technology which can be operated according to the taste of the driver.

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Most interesting is the Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D) technology which can detect the level of emotion and stress of the driver. Later this technology will regulate the cabin atmosphere to be as comfortable as possible so that the emotional level of the rider can decrease dramatically and potentially reduce accidents.

There is also a technology called Eye Tracking System (ETS) with a 180-degree Rearview Video Display. Technology will be activated when the driver turns his gaze to the top of the windshield and then the rear view of the car can be observed in video mode. Pretty advanced, right?


KIA HabaNiro Concept Machine

KIA HabaNiro Concept 5

KIA Global claims that the operation of the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept engine will fully carry out the electrical function. Moreover, this car can move autonomously without requiring control from the driver. Simply, the driver can sit back and play Multimedia, letting the system move the vehicle autonomously.

KIA also claims that HabaNiro has a level five autonomous mode that can collaborate with its electric engine. From the official record, this car can roam up to 300 miles or about 483 Km, for one full battery power. No need for gasoline or diesel, it only requires power from the Charging Electric method.



KIA HabaNiro Concept 1

Maybe there are some people who doubt the concept of the car and believe cars like it will not be created. If you look at the recently released KIA Stinger and Telluride, they also leave from these concept cars, realizing everyone’s dream.

It is the same with the 2020 KIA HabaNiro Concept which we should see that is the technological progress. It can be achieved by humans so far. At least, we can all see that this is the car of the future. KIA calls it Everything Car. So, what do you think when you see this car?