2020 KIA Telluride Review

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America has recently received the latest Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) model, the KIA Telluride. Extraordinary cabin comfort is large, entertaining and has Off-Road performance is the main dish of this middle-class SUV. Check out our watch in the KIA Telluride review.

KIA Telluride 1

The biggest only car made by KIA, its first début in March 2019 in Colorado, United States. The cabin capacity is claimed to be able to accommodate up to 8 people at once, suitable for family needs. In this case, KIA is dealing directly with its competitors such as the Hyundai Palisade, Honda Pilot and Ford Edge.

Cars with Off-Road performance are better suited for hobbies or targeted to consumers on heavy trajectories. If the track is like Dubai, where part of the place is filled with desert, KIA Telluride is considered very suitable. However, if the area is limited to urban areas without the need for Off-Road performance, KIA Sedona is more qualified for this reason.

KIA Telluride 2

Yes, even KIA Telluride stands in one particular place, an SUV relieved and has Off-Road performance. Broadly speaking, Telluride is pursuing target consumers with these two needs, but one thing is certain. This one car is the most relieved KIA car with a capacity of 8 people. Is that the only advantage? Let’s look together in the 2020 KIA Telluride review.


KIA Telluride exterior

KIA Telluride 4

Large firm and relieved, they are clear picture when observing the exterior of the KIA Telluride. At first glance, the figure is quite similar to the car made by Volvo or Range Rover, but that is not a big problem, as long as the appearance is still attractive.

His face looks handsome with a large Tiger-Nose Grille design. As for the two ends of the Grille pinned slick Projector Beam Headlights and LED Positioning Light that is ready to give qualified lighting functions.

KIA Telluride 3

Although the shape is quite large, we think of public can still understand it. Firmly the theme of Off-Road emanates from its front face. In terms of design, KIA was quite successful in describing the unique characteristics of Telluride.

On the design side, KIA Telluride presents a Roof Rails that collaborates neatly with chrome accents on the side glass temples. Attractive, really interesting giving the impression of luxury but also sturdy SUV-style.

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Its performance is capable of Off-Road, supported strongly by 18-inch tires. The size is quite proportional and is also able to decrease collisions when driving in heavy terrain. Extra comfort in our opinion.

We like the most of thing is when we see the rear body. Why so? Yes, the reason lies in the design of Taillights lights, which are packaged like Stick Hockey. Honestly speaking, this type of Telluride lamp is very unique, being a differentiator with SUV models of its class.

Interestingly, there is a beautiful topping on the rear bumper that is a Silver plate. In addition to strengthening masculine scent. The feature is also able to decrease damage when driving in rocky areas and another heavy terrain.


KIA Telluride’s interior

KIA Telluride 6

One of the most important advantages lies in the breadth of the cabin. KIA Telluride’s interior is classified as the most extensive among other KIA products. Yes, the capacity for up to 8 people is very special.

Classic and elegant feel, used as the theme of the Telluride cabin. The three most dominant colors namely Silver, brown and black, color the cabin. Of course in our opinion, this dish has been very comfortable. The composition is very fitting between elegant, classic and modern.

On the dashboard, there is also an 8-inch Touchscreen Display feature that is ready to offer many entertainment. Yes, Multimedia entertainment to navigation, has been supported by the panel. Simplify and give extra comfort to the driver.

Still the same as other luxury cars, the KIA Telluride applies a steering wheel that has an audio adjustment button as well as a feature to answer the phone quickly. There was no significant difference, only the design applied a four-bar model.

Behind the wheel, there is also a Multi-Information Display (MID) panel. From there, a lot of important information is delivered such as speed level, trip meter, average fuel consumption, and other interesting things. But unfortunately, the screen is not entirely digital because it still applies an analog meter to the speed info level.

Indeed, if observed from official information, Telluride can accommodate up to 8 people. But please note, the correct version according to us is 7 + 1. Yes, 7 adults and 1 child, considering the dimensions on the back seat are more suitable for these proportions.

The matter of comfort, the KIA Telluride chair is classified as a 5 star. Because the Captain Seat model has been applied to the first and second-row bench. As for each seat supported by the Headrest feature, making it more comfortable to be a place to lean.

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KIA Telluride feature

KIA Telluride 5

All of its variants, applying similar advanced safety features. It is clear that the KIA Telluride feature really puts the safety aspects first. In this case, the features presented such as Automatic Emergency Braking + Pedestrian Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control + Stop & Go, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection to Safe Exit Assistance.

The progress of the MCH in promoting safety aspects is a special thing. Why so? Yes, if observed at other automotive companies, the features mentioned are generally sold separately. Consumers must add special fees to carry out each of these features. In this case, KIA is truly superior among its competitors.


KIA Telluride machine

KIA Telluride 7

For the engine, KIA Telluride relies on the 3.8-liter Lambda 24 Valve DOHC V6 capacity. As an SUV, the power produced by the engine is qualified. From the official KIA record, the engine power is capable of reaching 291 HP equal to 6,000 Rpm with a peak torque crest of 262 Lb.ft at 5,200 Rpm rotation.

Indeed, this one engine is not the best KIA engine, but in our opinion, it has greatly matched its competitors. You name it, the Chevrolet Traverse which has extra power up to 310 HP and Honda Pilot at 280 HP. KIA Telluride still seems to be able to compete with its competitors.

One thing that is lacking, lies in the consumption of fuel that is not so good. It was noted that KIA Telluride only reached an average consumption of 23 Mpg. Unlike the Traverse Chevy which reached 21 Mpg and 22 Mpg Honda Pilot.



KIA Telluride 8

The biggest car owned by KIA is Telluride. Yes, the spacious cabin, full of entertainment plus Off-Road performance, is the main dish of the KIA Telluride.

But our prediction, this one car is not everyone’s taste given its advantages as a family car and Off-Road hobby. More suitable for use in areas with poor roads such as Dubai and Colorado. For urban areas? Very comfortable, but not good in terms of fuel consumption. How, are you interested in him?