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2020 Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan Review

In 1982 the German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz made the world début of a compact sedan, the Mercedes-Benz 190E coded W201. The model came to be known as the beginning of the Mercedes-Benz C-class and is often called the Baby Benz. The C-class is known as the most compact sedan made by Mercedes-Benz since then. But as the development of Mercedes-Benz models continues to grow and the C-class dimension increases, it seems that the term ‘baby’ is no longer relevant.

Thirty-six years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced the debut of the A-class sedan at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. As an entry model of the latest compact dimension Mercedes-Benz, this A-class sedan feels worth mentioning the reincarnation of Baby Benz in modern times.

What about the look, performance, features, other advantages, up to the price of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan? Check out the review below.


The exterior of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan

Not without reason if the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan is touted as one of the most compact sedans that Mercedes-Benz has today. Although at first glance it looks like there is no difference in the front and middle exterior between the hatchback and sedan versions, in fact, this compact sedan looks more sporty and luxurious.

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Display the front of the A-class sedan to get a shape almost similar to the hatchback version. The front side design appears very progressive. The impression is getting stronger with the design of the hood that is low and elongated, sleek headlights with chrome elements, plus a single louvre radiator grille with the addition of the Mercedes-Benz logo in the middle making this compact sedan look very luxurious.

Turning to the side, the strokes look muscular and sensual with the character line extending just below it emphasizing the perfectly contoured side volume, plus the two rearview mirrors right on the beltline. Not only luxurious, but the sporty appearance is also seen for this sedan, thanks to the use of 18-inch alloy wheels designed with five-bar wrapped in 225/45 R18 tires supported with front and rear disc brakes. The presence of the rear trunk is a significant differentiator with the A-class hatchback, but because the roofline is not as slippery as CLA’s, the rear of the A-class sedan is much more compact than CLA.

At the rear, the LED stop lamp with a smooth angle adds to the luxury look of this sedan. In addition, the rear roof or C pillar is also made higher, giving more comfort to this sedan. While the rear trunk door, although not yet electrically configured, the presence of spring makes you do not need more energy to open it.


Interior of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan

Entering the cabin, you can immediately feel the impression of luxury. The interior of the new A-Class sedan is completely redefined with a modern and creative look. Mercedes-Benz has chosen a completely new approach, revolutionizing the compact class from the inside by giving the vehicle a roomy impression.

The interior architecture of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan can be said to be luxurious, specifically formed by an innovative dashboard design, with the presence of a free-standing widescreen fully extending from the center to the right measuring 10.25 inches. The head unit carries the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) feature, where this infotainment system can be personalized and adapted to meet the needs of its users and has an intuitive display with 3D graphics. The addition of air vents with a sporty turbine-like appearance is another attraction for the interior of the front.

Front room lighting can also be selected up to 64 colors to stress the impression of a free-floating dashboard. The different colors are arranged in ten sets of colors, which allows the display of creative lighting with spectacular color changes.

Wrapped in leather, the steering wheel of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan is very ergonomic and has been equipped with tilt-telescopic steering settings. IN the steering wheel there is an audio adjustment button on the left-hand bar and cruise control settings on the right. In addition, you can also adjust the dashboard screen via the steering wheel with a trackpad. On the back of the steering wheel, there is also a paddle-shift to make it easier for you to move the transmission in a sporty way while driving.

For the sitting place, the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan driver’s seat settings can be electrically adjusted to give an exact driving position. Wrapped in luxurious leather, of course, this makes sitting in the cabin of the A-class sedan more comfortable. Moreover, the shape of the chair is quite ergonomic. The rear seats are also equipped with three adjustable headrests for passenger comfort.

In terms of practicality, thanks to the trunk that is separated from the cabin, obviously the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan provides better space. The trunk has a capacity of up to 420 liters, and when compared with its predecessor, the C-class luggage capacity is only 10 liters smaller.


Features Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan

Drivers and passengers of the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan can be more comfortable enjoying the ride because of the Linguatronic sound control system. This voice command feature can obey every word you say just by saying ‘Hey Mercedes’ and giving help to read texts, check the weather, change radio stations to let know the fastest route only through voice control.

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In addition, the head unit can also be integrated with your smartphone. Sending text messages or looking for contacts is not a problem anymore, you can use your cellphone without having to hold it, simply integrated with the car using USB or NFC. You can also easily control almost all applications and functions of the smartphone via multimedia display using the touch control buttons on the steering wheel.

The safety system embedded in the Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan has similarities to those present in the hatchback variant. Some safety features in it include Active Brake Assist and Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC. The same application is even embedded in the most luxurious S-Class variants.

The features that it offers allow drivers to get help in driving, especially when entering or leaving a parallel or narrow parking space. This feature will be active in both forward and reverse directions which allows the vehicle to be guided while driving in a limited parking space. Some other safety features include seven airbags, one of which is a knee bag that is in charge of protecting the knee and leg in the event of a collision.


Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan engine

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Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan is supported by inline 4-cylinder engine coded M 282 with a capacity of 1.3 liters of turbo measuring 163 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Power is channeled to the front wheels via the 7G-DCT Dual-Clutch automatic transmission system. To accelerate from 0-100 kph, this car records 8 seconds, and the most speed reaches 225 kph.



The Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan is the most compact sedan you can have from Mercedes-Benz. No wonder if this sedan deserves to be called the reincarnation of Baby Benz. with the latest features and technology and compactly designed, it is suitable to be invited to cross urban streets. With the price offered by Mercedes-Benz A200 Sedan is arguably one of the affordable options to get a Mercedes-Benz sedan with a variety of luxury offered