2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 4MATIC Review

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Although carrying the “A” cleric, this model is not just an entry-level A-Class model. Fully designed to meet the desires of driving pleasure, it’s no wonder that the addition of the 4MATIC code on the back confirms the ability to control for speed lovers in everyday use.

2020 Mercedes AMG A 35 4MATIC 1

With a turbocharged engine, the A 35 4MATIC presents an abundance of 306-hp peak power that can invite him to dance with all four wheels. While torque of up to 400 Nm which is served for compact body dimensions makes this A 35 acceleration like lightning. What exactly is the ability of Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 4MATIC?


The exterior of Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35

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With the base of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the AMG A 35 appears with an aggressive, sporty, and elegant feel. Some distinctive features of AMG embedded in the A-Class body make it look different. Even though it still shows the figure of a daily hatchback, but now the distinctive feel of racing feels thicker in every part of its body.

Not just getting AMG Line accessories, this car really adopts all sporty AMG components. Radiator Grille looks neat with a touch of fine mesh and twin louvre that stands out, combined with the front apron AMG Night Package with a touch of black body kit that contrasts with a striking Sun Yellow color dressing. There is a flic in the air intake hole and a splitter at the bottom of the bumper.

In the front lighting, the Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 uses LED High-Performance Headlamps with a touch of Daytime Running Lights (DRL) sharp design that presents an aggressive impression.

Striking on the side is the multi-spoke AMG alloy wheels made of super-light 19-inch black alloy with silver polish accents on the edges. The dark color on this wheel once again appears in contrast to the striking yellow bandage the hello color for the AMG A 35. Increasingly seem sporty with a large caliber AMG brake calipers that appear wrapped in silver behind the wheels. The ventilated disc brakes are almost the same size as the diameter of the wheels and look cool on all four wheels.

Low ground clearance is emphasized by the use of AMG Line side skirts and low-profile tires that wrap the wheels. Both side mirrors wrapped in black also reinforce the impression of sportiness.

After appearing quite simple on the sides, the stern section of AMG A 35 is back to present a sporty, firm figure. Striking is the presence of spoilers at the top of the rear windshield that is large enough for a compact hatchback sized car, plus a contrasting black wrap.

In addition, the diffuser at the bottom of the rear bumper is also quite massive with a black bandage like a racing car. In this diffuser also appear two exhaust holes on both sides and on both sides of the bumper there is also a flic that further strengthens the impression like racing.


Interior of Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35

2020 Mercedes AMG A 35 4MATIC 10

In the cabin, the exterior appearance of a typical Mercedes-Benz can be immediately recognized. But with the name AMG behind him, the sporty impression immediately stands out as soon as he sits on his bench. Futuristic impression with a large screen and ventilation holes such as turbines, as well as a combination of black and matte silver that gives the impression of elegance on a hot-hatch.

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Two 10.25-inch screens directly dominate the dashboard. In terms of layout, the A 35 still has similarities with other Mercedes-Benz models, but on the other hand, the AMG’s touch clearly emphasizes some of the details being more sporty. Large instrument panel behind the wheel with a variety of dynamic display options. But one interesting feature is the Head-Up Display (HUD) which is projected onto the windshield

The appearance of this HUD can change according to the wishes of the driver, starting from the display of engine speed, speed, the resulting G-style to navigation. The good thing is, the Mercedes HUD really projects it onto the windshield without any additional devices such as small screens available in several other brands. As with other Mercedes interiors on the A 35 dashboard, there are also ambient lights with 64 color choices that can be adjusted to the driver’s mood.

The steering wheel on the A 35 is also one of the most special parts. Using AMG Performance Steering Wheel, the steering wheel carries a flat bottom design, where the bottom of the steering circle is flat, like a Mercedes-Benz racing car steering wheel for a long time. This steering wheel is also wrapped in a luxurious material and comfortable grip, a combination of DINAMICA microfiber and Nappa leather. Behind the steering wheel is a pair of paddle shifts to increase driving fun

There are buttons for setting the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) on the steering wheel in addition to the cruise control settings. The steering wheel can also be adjusted to a wide tilt or telescopic place so that it can strike a precise driving place.

In order to support sporty driving, the AMG A 35 uses sport seats that look like bucket seats in a sports car. With 4-way lumbar support, this chair can hold your body seated firmly despite fast maneuvers. Even so, there are no 5-point safety belts in this car. There is only a safety belt with a 3-point pretender covered in red, which makes it look more sporty.

Wrapped in a special material that combines ARTICO leather and DINAMICA black microfiber, the seats on the A 35 can also be electrically arranged with three seat storage positions to make it easier for the driver and front passenger.

In the second row or the back, seats on the left and right passengers also adhere to the bucket seat type, which can protect the passenger body if the driver maneuvers extreme enough. Unfortunately, the matter of discretion, indeed in the second row is arguably quite narrow, especially if you are tall around 170 cm. Although wrapped in the dark material, the presence of panoramic sunroof makes the A 35 cabin still roomy.


Features of Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35

2020 Mercedes AMG A 35 4MATIC 4

Like the highest variant of a model, the Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 also carries a variety of the latest features. Starting from the exterior, the A 35 has been equipped with heat-insulating dark-tinted window film that is able to resist the hot beam of sunlight so that it still provides comfort for passengers in the cabin.

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Entering the cabin, cabin comfort is more special thanks to the Thermomonic climate control which can run automatically with the division of two zones. In addition, as before mentioned, the MBUX multimedia system is also available in the A 35. The main appearance of the MBUX is on a 10.25-inch high-resolution touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. To run MBUX you can take advantage of the capabilities of the touch screen, a touch panel on the center console, or touch panel on both the left and right bars on the steering wheel. MBUX can also be easily connected to mobile phones, either through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

In terms of driving and safety, AMG A 35 provides several standard features will help the driver while driving while providing safety guarantees throughout the trip. These features include Active Brake Assist, Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC, Blind Spot Assist, and Cruise Control. Unfortunately, the cruise control used is not yet adaptive.

In addition to improving safety, airbags available on the A 35 are also added to the knee bag at the knee. In addition, there is still a reversing camera to help when parking backward, tire pressure monitoring system, and wipers with rain sensors.


Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 engine

2020 Mercedes AMG A 35 4MATIC 11

The engine that is on the Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 is the center of all the fun that this car offers. The 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbocharger produces peak power of up to 306 hp at 5,800-rpm. While a maximum torque of 400 Nm can be achieved from 3,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm.

This overflow of power is channeled through the 7G DCT Speedshift DCG transmission to the 4MATIC four-wheel-drive system to produce impressive performance figures, with acceleration from 0-100 kph in 4.7 seconds. The use of a turbocharger not only increases its performance ability but also can keep up its efficiency so that Mercedes-Benz claims its fuel consumption can reach 13.7 km/liter.



2020 Mercedes AMG A 35 4MATIC 5

If you want a car that offers driving pleasure and hopes to be able to own one of the Mercedes-Benz AMG models, the A 35 4Matic which is the most affordable AMG model. Like the A-Class base model, AMG A 35 is also an entry-level in the AMG model. But don’t underestimate the ability of the A 35. A 4-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger measuring 306 hp is more than enough to support the compact A 35 figure.

This car is still comfortable for daily use in your accompanying activities and is the right choice to start moving to the level of performance cars. In addition, the ISP service offered by Mercedes-Benz is one of the guarantees for AMG A 35 consumers to be able to enjoy the fun of driving for the next three years without worry.