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The Audi e-Tron GT is an Audi four-door electric-powered coup√©, as part of 20 new Audi electric models in 2025. […]

Audi, the German car manufacturer, is never tired of bringing surprises in the automotive world. After before presenting three new […]

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Audi introduced the concept car which became its fifth electric vehicle, the Audi Q4 […]

Audi Sport has three S-models in their portfolio including the S6 sedan, S6 Avant and S7 Sportback. Many people are […]

Audi always prioritizes their attention to detail, chasing the driver’s comfort zone. And arguably, the second generation in the Audi […]

From the designation ‘Hybrid’, we already know that this car has the latest engine performance. Unlike other competitors in the […]

Entering its fourth year on the market, 2020 Honda NSX (marketed in North America more popularly called by the name […]

Honda CR-V finally landed in the United States, carrying Hybrid technology for the first time in history. Its features are […]

As a pioneer in the Hybrid sedan segment, Honda Insight is a phenomenon. The latest fuel problems, at least are […]

The name Ford Focus in the world automotive industry has been quite strong for the past 2 decades. Introduced in […]